HTML form, insert an image when you click the submit button

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How can I insert an image once the user clicks the submit button in a form?

The process behind the form action takes 2-3 minutes and I want to display an image of a clock while it's processing so that the user knows that it's taking time to process the request.

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Code: [ Select ]
function show_image($img_url)
    echo "<img src=\"$img_url\" alt=\"Image\" />";
  1. <?php
  2. function show_image($img_url)
  3. {
  4.     echo "<img src=\"$img_url\" alt=\"Image\" />";
  5.     ob_flush();
  6.     flush();
  7. }
  8. ?>

How about that? Call that before the process begins.

Just upload an image of a clock (animated or not) and put that in there (The URL to the image).

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