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Im creating an install script to install a cms system.

I created a form and a header. I added functions in my script, ie)

$header = "i added header javascript here";


$form = "form javascript here"... in the form script i had...

$sqluser, $sqlpass.... etc... so that i can connect to the database using the fields entered. After connecting i was planning on making the script open up a file called "connect.php" and update the contents in there so it will connect on all other pages.

But the problem is... after i added a kind of function... ie) $header. how do i get it to show?

i tried: function = $header; but this does not work.

The main thing is, i want to keep it all organised so all error messages and forms will stay at the top of the script, then underneath i will put them in place using small tags like "$errorpw".

Can someone please guide me?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

The $header is not a function here. Its a variable.

If you want to show it on the page you have to use:
Code: [ Select ]
echo $header;

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