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i have the following: a list of products each with a graphic and text checkbox

in productSuccess.php:
foreach($product_names as $product_row) { ?>
<td >&nbsp;</td><td width='200px'><?php echo $product_row->getName(); ?></td>
<td width='200px'><input type="checkbox" name="graphic[]" value="<?php echo $product_row-getBy?>" />
</td><td width='200px'><input type="checkbox" name="text[]" value="<?php echo $product_row?>" /></td>
?php } ?>
with a form tag:
<form action="<?php echo url_for('doc/document'); ?>" method="post">

and the other part in documentSuccess.php
how can i check which checkboxes where checked for which product??????
foreach($_POST['graphic'] as $graphic)
if($graphic == 'some_value')
// "some_value" comes from whatever is in the "value" attribute of the <input> element

how will i do the foreach loop now please??? shall i have a <input type=hidden tag......with the form tag???? please help

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