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I was thinking of doing a version of a site for an iPhone that makes use of the onorientationchange event to switch between content and menu screens. When the phone is held in portrait mode, it will display site content and only site content. If the iPhone is turned either clockwise or counter-clockwise (to account for left and right handed people) then the content will hide and the menu will show.

I'm thinking I can start out with something like this. I figure if for some odd reason JS is disabled it will still work out with the menu on the bottom. When JS is enabled, onorientationchange will toggle display of both sections. I'm thinking about setting their position to absolute and using a fade effect to transition between the two.

Code: [ Select ]
<body onorientationchange="">
    <div id="content"></div>
    <ul id="menu"></ul>
  1. <body onorientationchange="">
  2.     <div id="content"></div>
  3.     <ul id="menu"></ul>
  4. </body>

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