Java Script inf. loop

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Ok so im using a script. Here is a snipplet:

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var delay_hide=500

where 500 is the milliseconds before the text dissaprears. I was wondering what i could set it to, so that it would never dissaprear. I put it to 50000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and then veiwed it and my computer turned off lol. So i need to know a inf loop kinda thing.
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Let me get this straight, you want to use a loop to modify a javascript to make the script do somthing that text does naturally ?

There must be an IGNORE THIS class for text in the script or somthing you can pull out of it.
Using a never ending loop to get text to stay visible just has me scratching my head :?
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The absolute best reslt you will get from a never ending loopis thathe browser will freeze and stop sponding (trust me I have done it by accident)! Often as you have discovered, this will also crash the entire system. How about this:

Simple way:
remove the line code that hides the text

different simple way:

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var delayHide = A_Number;
  1. var delayHide = A_Number;
  2. if(delayHide>=0){
  3.   setTimeout('functionCall()',delayHide);
  4. }

(using the if then shortcut is appropriate but I always forget the syntax!)

Then you set delayHide to -1 and the text will ever go (assuming you are using a timeout.

If this does not aswer your question, some more info might just be handy - I don't really get what you intend to achieve with this

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