Javascript: var myObject = myObject || {};

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I would like to know why some people declare javascript vars like below:

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var myObject = myObject || {};

I did some google but dint
get the correct keywords. Please advice. Thank You.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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Are you sure it is Javascript?

C# has the following
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return myObject = _myObject ?? (_myObject = new myObject());

all this does is returns the _myObject if it not null and if it is then it creates a new instance of myObject and returns it after assigning it to _myObject. Perhaps the Javascript is the same?

The way it reads is (your sample):
my object = my object or new object.

I have a sneak suspicion it might be doing the same thing
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when I name a variable like

var a = b || c ;

is so I can use it like this

//if true b or c equal 2
if(a == 2){document.write('either b or c equal 2')}

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