Jquery Dialog Issue with Internet Explorer

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I'm having a big issue with the use of the Jquery dialog boxes and once more it's with my Arch Nemesis :banghead: Internet Exploder, Oh I hate you so IE. However I have to have this working in IE 9 the company has a strict IE usage policy so much so that they blocked the ability to even download let alone install any other browser.

So the root of the problem I'm having is this. This site uses dialog boxes all over. The issue is that when a box opens then closes and another one opens. I tends to sometimes crash IE All my IE debugger tells me is.

And the debugger shows this

This crash seems to happen when a dialog box opens - closes and another opens - closes ..... even with delays in between.

Code example

HTML Code: [ Select ]
<div id="message_box">
    <div id="message_box_text" name="message_box_text"></div>
  1. <div id="message_box">
  2.     <div id="message_box_text" name="message_box_text"></div>
  3. </div>

JAVASCRIPT Code: [ Select ]
    width: "500",
    autoOpen: false,
    show: "blind",
    hide: "blind",
    closeOnEscape: false
// Set the text
$("#message_box_text").html('The user(s) were deleted.');
// Set the title
$('#message_box').dialog('option', 'title', 'Delete Confirmation');
// Change the function
$("#message_box").dialog('option', 'buttons', {
    'Ok': function() {
  2. $("#message_box").dialog({
  3.     width: "500",
  4.     autoOpen: false,
  5.     show: "blind",
  6.     hide: "blind",
  7.     modal:true,
  8.     closeOnEscape: false
  9. });
  11. // Set the text
  12. $("#message_box_text").html('The user(s) were deleted.');
  14. // Set the title
  15. $('#message_box').dialog('option', 'title', 'Delete Confirmation');
  17. // Change the function
  18. $("#message_box").dialog('option', 'buttons', {
  19.     'Ok': function() {
  20.         $(this).dialog('close');       
  21.     }
  22. });

Opening and closing and opening and closing and so on will cause IE to crash.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

For those looking for a working example of this issue here is the most basic example of the error. ONLY IE 9 CRASHES


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I Feel like I want to throw a party!!! Jquery has already fixed this issue in there newer versions of Jquery.

My Issue is resolved.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Good to know, glad you were able to resolve it by just updating jQuery :)
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Ya I'm glad I tried that before making a hack to fix it. I couldn't find anyone having the same issue I was having but I just happened to find an issue similar to mine just not using dialog boxes. It was marked fixed so I updated and no crashing. If I would have done that earlier it could have saved me about an hour of frustration.

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