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All these sites that are on WAP get money from there sites. The money comes out of the persons credit. So how do they do it? Im asking because my Browser-Based game is going to go WAP for certain things and I wanted to no if I could get money from it.
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Blinkster182 wrote:
All these sites that are on WAP get money from there sites. The money comes out of the persons credit.

Are you sure? Any HTML page can be accessed via WAP (I think, you can view them on a mobile phone at least, which says "WAP" to me). I don't see why a WML page would gain revenue from page views when an HTML page wouldn't? Makes no sense to me :?

TBH I think that the money people pay for WAP goes straight to their telecommunications network provider.
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Your best bet is billing the perons service provider as rtm mentioned.
If you use some sort of password/user system it will be as easy as sharing a password to rip you off. Since mobile IP addresses change every time a person disconnects from GPRS (unless they are the type to leave it connected all the time) & most people delete any cookies set on thier phone as soon as GPRS is disconnected there is no reliable way to keep track of things yourself.
Look into processes of billing telecomunications companies for a full answer :D

btw, ALMOST any html page can be accessed VIA WAP, some pages are just too big for some phones to handle. I forget what it is called but the pages specially designed for phones are refered to as "cards" & each application consists of a "deck".

Somthing reallyneat, look into Google & WAP :wink: if you have unlimited GPRS on your phone it's a *must have* bookmark :D

Somthing else neat, If your phone supports JPG, GIF ect... & you have webspace ANYWHERE free or not, resize an image to your phones wallpaper size pop it on that site and navigate your phones browser to the address, most phones will tell you an image has been recieved and ask if you want to save it to your library :D

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