Need an Article Indexing Script.... works like Link Indexing

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Hello, there is this script....

It also can be put as an include in a page to work.
PHP Code: [ Select ]
ob_start ( 'ob_gzhandler' );
include ( 'gallery.php' );
  1. <?php
  3. ob_start ( 'ob_gzhandler' );
  5. include ( 'gallery.php' );
  7. ?>

Before you ask, yes I've searched the major script sites but can't find or tell what does what I want exactly and as "simply" as the above script.
However, what I need my script to do is LIST "Documents" such as HTML pages, .doc's, .pdf's etc. instead of Pictures with Thumbs and enlargements.

I need everything else, the descending location links, file listing, sorting, etc. and the script can be inserted right into another page as well.

Anyway, something like this, not a script nut so I know what I want, but don't know what I'm talking about.
But the above script is exactly what I've been looking for in it's simplicity, look, and how it functions.

This also might be another example of what I'm looking for a bit closer in some ways in functioning and look ... /Geography but I don't want the entire site to be the script of course, just want the middle listing part.
Need something that can be "called" from within a normal page.
But, I'll also take suggestions similar of this more simpler style as well.
I do like the "Categories" and the "Items" Listing with also the icons of the "type" of doc is referenced as well, though the Items would look better in Two Columns with smaller text instead of one LONG column.

Can anyone more "specifically" point me to the light..? Thanks

By the way, the second link I posted above, I have the site script (what he sent me anyway, it's an old script, no instructions or anything).
So I have "something" if someone wants to attack it if they think they can get it to do what I'm looking for along with maybe the other script above.

Also, phphoo and phphoo3 works similar to what I'm looking for, but need it for articles like the second link above.
I also would like a listing on the main page of the 5 or so most RECENT articles posted, and the most READ articles.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Welcome to Ozzu leeuniverse :D
Please remember to use
Code: [ Select ]

PHP Code: [ Select ]
tags when posting code, Thankyou.
I fixed your original post.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I am looking for the same solution

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