need help in building a directshow parser filter

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Hi, i am trying to start from basic and build a simple parser file.
i.e: Wav Source ->Wave Parser -> Directsound.

Anyone got the source code for the Wave Parser?

and I got a qns here, when i build my filter from the directshow SDK, nullnull and nullinplace, why it would not connect in bet the source and the parser but bet the parser and the directsound. I would have tot that this is a skeleton filter that will connect anywhere?

And some further Qns:
1.What is the use of a Parser? plainly to convert the streams to a Wav PCM ??
2. If i jus wan to play raw files i.e *.pcm do i still need a parser. why can't i connect the file source straight to the directsound(File source-> Directsound) since the data is in raw format and thus do not need any decoding?
3. I have try to load a pcm file in the file source async but it fails. We are currently testing a new audio format and wishs to have directshow players to play our format, how do i make the file source take in a new format. (say if i work from the basic, how do i make the file source take in and recongise a new format e.g a raw pcm format?)
4. How do i make the pins of the filter able to connect to the pins of another filter. I understand that there is a major and minor type, but i tot the SDK nullnull takes in any format, then why is it that we still cannot connect the nullnull filter straight from the file source?

Hope that the experts here can advise.
Any example to make a simple wave parser filter would be great!.
Thanks manz.
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anyone?? :?
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there isnt much of a difference between WAV and PCM only that WAv has some headers and probably datlength followed by data

whereas PCM is just raw data there isnt it wudnt require anyparser which wud remove the in the case of wav

probably this might give u answers to few questions

well the subtypes and major types use null because there isnt any restrictions on the type of inputs that can be connected but a few of them have some restrictions inside the code where it checks for some basic requirements.and if satisfied allows to connect else rejects ..................

just go through the examples in the samples of directshow filters along with the sdk and read the document as well.......even iam pretty new to these things

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