Need help to have a better understanding of PHP

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I find myself still puzzled about PHP as i can make small edits but still don't have my head wrapped around the topic of writing by hand. I have been reading tutorials on the different functions but even with all the tut reading i still can't see the path of it, so to speak. What i am asking for is there some documentation that i have not read that can give a explanation on what to write and where to start.

i have the basic understanding but if i want to make something from nothing i am kinda clueless without taking snippets and other developers code and adding that to do the job.

So yea if anyone has some good documentation sources holla :)
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I'm in a hurry right now but you seems intelligent and I bet your sites didn't make themselves. :)

I don't have any direct links to sites that will totally help you write your own code. But I seen some people just copy pasting and getting really far just doing that, and not everyone doing online stuff can code their own stuff either - (note I'm not saying you can't code here, I'm just saying that thats how it is).

Anyway, why else would wordpress be so popular?

Personally I still read a lot of code made of others to grasp concepts, but usually I can code what I set my mind to these days (tho I have to lookup functions). Personally I had to start really small to really get past the cut and paste era and I only did what I enjoyed (or I got bored really quick), I think one of the first things I made in PHP was a simple login function from scratch, just getting used to passing stuff to the database storing it in sessions and so on. But prior to that I hosted a chatroom, games etc (all made by others), I even hosted a free forum (that noone visited except some friends :lol: ). The loginfunction that I coded wasn't even made entierly from head the first time, I had to peek at an example. But after peeking I rewrote it a second time and that time I almost got it completley out of my head. The third time I got it. It took a while but eventually I got it. :D (btw I'm not really a pro coder or anything, just saying so you take this with a grain of salt)
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You can try to make simple scripts, like: displaying a captcha code, makeing a contact form, or form to post comments.
Or try to make a website in php, from the 0, with simple pages, menu, with data stored in files or into a database.

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