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Hi folks,

I'm looking for help on producing a javascript code to perform some simple actions on my lifestyle survey form. I've just started looking into coding with Javascript and obviously have a lot to learn. Would anyone be able to help with the following requirement that I've got for my site?

Basically, I have an online lifestyle survey which the user completes. The results are purely for their eyes only - no data is sent anywhere.

There are two blocks of simple questions, each with a yes or no radio button answer. What I want to do is to have the user enter their choice for each radio button and then click submit after answering all the questions in the block. On submit, the javascript should total up the number of no's for the first block of questions and write an answer to the web page depending on how many no's. There are only 3 possible answers.

For the second block of questions, there are only two possible answers, this time dependent on how many yes answers the user gives again on submit.

I've tried searching the web for some guidance on how to go about this but have not had much luck. As I mentioned earlier, I'm learning javascript but unfortunately this particular requirement is beyond me at the mo!

For more info on the survey itself and the answers that need to be specified have a look at the page itself at Note, the scripts already in action on the site are, sadly, not my own. In time...

Any help would be much appreciated.



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