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I am not sure if this is the correct forum/topic to post this question, but I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend some things for me.

1. I am looking for email software pref. php that I can setup on my server and then put a signup box on one of my pages, so people can sign up to the newsletter and then confirm their membership to the newsletter via email confirmation.

2. Membership software, I want to setup a website where I provide information, pictures and forums to members only. Can someone recommend a software package where people have to signup on a form, confirm their membership via email confirmation and then I can confirm the member once they paid to access a private area on a website? I am looking for membership oriented software in other words that uses mysql and can handle with no problem up to 10,000 users.

3. ecommerce software, where can I go to get an ecommerce account to take peoples credit cards online and pay a fee of lets say 10% to the company that does the credit card processing for me.

Thanks for your help. If this is the wrong place to ask this question, please move the post to another forum.
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Number 2. This phpBB software that powers this board can be configured to pretty much do that. The only snag is that it automatically sends them an activation code to be able to use the board. It would take a rewrite of that part of the code to delay the confirmation email being sent until you recieve payment. There may be others out there, but I do know that this board can be configured so that guests can't even read it.

Number 3. Look into OSCommerce. It comes with some very basic payment gateways, but quite a few payment gateway mods are available.

Both are PHP and use SQL database and can handle the number you are looking at. Both are open source and can be modified and customized. Both are free.

Hope that helps.
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For #1, you can easily do this in PHP, I am just blanking out on PHP right now. One way is to pass values via the URL, i.e. using pre-defined variables and passing them with the argument character, ?, like:

Code: [ Select ]

although now I forget whether it's a single ampersand or a double (& or &&)

hmm.... BAH i'm too tired will post about this l8er

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