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Post 3+ Months Ago

I don't know if any of you here are running NKads banner script on your site, or if anybody here's even heard of it, heh, but it's probably the best freeware banner script out there, it's opensource, and I've been using on my site for a few months now.

Development seems to have ceased altogether. Whilst they are still responding to E-Mails, etc. and accepting feature requests, they seem to be slow to fruition.

The key elements of this script that I like are that a banner-owner can login and be able to see nice pretty stats of exposures (on a daily/monthly/annual basis), and that I can add banners EITHER for a max number of impressions, or for unlimited impressions over a period of time.

So, if somebody pays me for 20K banner impressions, I set it to 20K impressions, unlimited time, and once it's been shown 20K times, it's automagically disabled.

If somebody pays me for 3 months worth of banners, I set it for a date 3 months from when they sign up with an unlimited number of impressions, and as soon as that date has passed, again it's automagically disabled.

Most of the other banner scripts I've seen are either one or the other. Either display for X days, or give X impressions (but not the option of both).

But, now I'm facing a problem. As the popularity of the site has grown, I've been getting more people willing to pay for banner advertisements. I also have a few banners that I have been running for friends free of charge. Now, it would not be fair to those who are paying to allow those free banners the same amount of exposure. Also, those free banners displaying as much as the paid ones means that those who pay for X amount of clicks are taking longer to display, and therefore for contracts to renew, and that those paying for X months are not getting (what I feel) are the amount of banner impressions they should be expecting.

I do not want to remove these banners that I have placed there for friends, but I do not want to sacrifice exposure of paying clients in favour of those free banners.

I'm looking to introduce some sort of function to this script whereby banners can have a "Max impressions per day".

That way, assuming I'm getting 6,000 hits per day, and run 10 banners, I can set 5 of them (the free banners) to get, for example, max 200 impressions a day, and the remaining 5,000 impressions are split amongst the other 5 banners (the paid ones).

Would anybody here be willing to work with me to develop & implement this modification? Or, does anybody know of a banner script that would allow me to add banners based upon X impressions or time limit, that has this "max impressions per day" feature, or some other kind of priorities system?

NKAds is opensource (it's actually on SourceForge), and I would re-release all source back to the original owners of the code (nkstudios) once this mod was complete.

It can be downloaded and read about here

Thanks guys!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I'm downloading it now and will have a look see. I think if RichB has the time, he'll probably beat me to it! :-P

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