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Hi everyone could anyone write a script that shows how many people are currently viewing a certan website!
I looked up on google but I just need a simple design!
Exp: Online users : 10online
I just need some script for the display of the total users online!!
Please can anyone help me???
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The easiest way is to track each visitor to your website and log their IP and time of visit. Then you can count of the number of unquie visits in a certain time frame, say 60 minutes, to get your "online" users. When a visit time expires, older than 60 minutes, you can delete it from your log.

Using a database makes this really simple. If you dont have access to a database you can do the same thing with a flat file system.
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Database Schema

When user load the related page
PHP Code: [ Select ]
REPLACE INTO tblactivesession VALUES(USER_IP, time())
DELETE FROM tblactivesession
WHERE timestamp < time() - 10*60
  1. REPLACE INTO tblactivesession VALUES(USER_IP, time())
  3. DELETE FROM tblactivesession
  4. WHERE timestamp < time() - 10*60

Get ur user online count
PHP Code: [ Select ]
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tblactivesession
  1. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tblactivesession

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