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Hi all!
Bare with me, I have been looking for a way to do this for about 3 days now...and have gotten no where. I know this will be fairly simple but I was forced to take over the completion of my website not knowing a thing about creating or maintaining one, I think I have gone along ways since then!
Ok, what I need to do is create a category for wholesalers, I need to password protect this so only approved members (approved meaning I send them the login info) to access. I don't want to go into any more mods or add ons and I figured this might work, as I have seen other ppls posts with them be able to do it, just not going into detail on how they did it for the newbies like me :)
Here is what one girl posted, but not sure how or what she added:
"I think I got it figured out. What I ended up doing was creating a category named "Wholesale". Then setting up a wholesale password string in languages/english.php. I changed includes/boxes/categories.php to only display the "Wholesale" category if the user's password matches the special wholesale password string I set up in english.php. I also had to bypass encryption of that particular password by modifying password_funcs.php and account_password.php. By using the password instead of user name for displaying the "Wholesale" category, any number of user accounts can access it if I just give them the preselected wholesale password.
It may not be too elegant, but it was fairly simple and is working great."

Can anyone suggest anything?

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