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Well In my public_html folder I have a header php file and a footer php file.

In my index page I use php inlcudes to include my files.

My question is when i make a new folder how can i put includes into the index of the folder. Becaue I want to have instead of

The only way that worked for me was in the include for the url i put

/home/mysite/mypath/*.php and in the stylsheet in header php i had to
put the stylesheet url as

So i was just wondering if there were any better ways to work around it.

O and dont want to put the php files in each folder because that would defeat the purpose of includes.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

The easiest way is to use a basepath var at the top of each script:
Code: [ Select ]
$basepath = "/home/mysite/mypath/";
require_once ( $basepath . "header.php" );
// page content here
require_once ( $basepath . "footer.php" );
  1. $basepath = "/home/mysite/mypath/";
  3. require_once ( $basepath . "header.php" );
  5. // page content here
  7. require_once ( $basepath . "footer.php" );

Using that code, it doesn't matter where your script is and the includes will always work (so long as they're present)

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