php myfaq instalation problem

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when I installed php myfaq on my localhost there is an error occure after 5th step of 1-5 step

DB error: Table 'myfaq.faq_faqconfig' doesn't exist


INSERT INTO faq_faqconfig VALUES ('main.enableWysiwygEditor', 'true')

acc. to this msg if i create new table then what property should have in this table and how many field to created is not mentioned on error msg..

Pleas help.......
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I found this on google:
Code: [ Select ]
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `faq_faqconfig`;
CREATE TABLE `faq_faqconfig` (
`config_name` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
`config_value` varchar(255) default NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`config_name`)
  2. DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `faq_faqconfig`;
  4. CREATE TABLE `faq_faqconfig` (
  5. `config_name` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
  6. `config_value` varchar(255) default NULL,
  7. PRIMARY KEY (`config_name`)

Try running that. If you don't have latin1, then you might want to change that though. Who knows why they made them 255 characters though, that's a pretty insane waste of space for each configuration variable.

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