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Hey guys, I am still a very big newb with PHP and MySQL and so far every little bit of it interfaced on my site is set up through simple Dreamweaver queries(record sets). I very rarely need to do anything above and beyond what I could find in an article on the net. I am now stuck with a task and I don't know how to approach it.

I have a search feature that I made which queries my main catalog database table. The table consists of the following rows:

-ID (autoincrement)
-lyrics (yes/no)
-lyricslink (for binding)

The way I have it set up now is sort of monstrous upon retrospect - I have three different queries. Each looks one-dimensionally into the table to find either genre, similar track (using the same primary genre as track in question), and the themes. I want to integrate these into one easy search feature. I am thinking a form that offers a multidimensional approach meaning that if a user checks off a box saying they would like to include a time frame etc. What kind of conditional SQL statement would be in this query? I know it is very ruff, again like I said I don't even know how I would structure the form. I am just going out on a limb to say that users would have multiple drop down menus, to narrow the results, but they don't HAVE to use some drop down menus - which I assume would pass no value if left on the default option I create with no value - and then maybe some check boxes to hear what I made in 06,07,08, or 09 in case they want to hear something in a certain period of time, from the created field (which is a date formatted field)and even better a SORTING option which will determine how they want them sorted based on a few simple criteria (alphabetical, album, created etc.).

If I can get this sorted out I am seriously considering moving from MySQL to XML datasets - since Dreamweaver offers some nice tools for auto sorting without refreshing and I intend for the data to be used by my new upcoming flash player which makes XML an easier learning curve for me. :)

Any suggestions, I have my spoon ready. :lol:

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