PHP/MySQLi Debugger Tool?

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Is there a PHP/MySQLi debugger tool out there that I could use to see the amount of SQL queries i run per page, the total generation time it takes to generate each page and other statistics? One I could use on XAMPP locally on my machine? Thank you!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

With my local setups I use Xdebug to step through PHP programs I write. I use WAMP and Eclipse PDT, and they work well together for this. Xdebug also has a profiler included that might allow you to do what you are looking for, I am not entirely sure:

For my newer stuff I am working on I actually have a built-in visual profiler that works with Codeigniter's profiler and ends up looking like this:


Shows the load time of the page, and how long some of the major components took to load.


Shows the memory usage of the PHP that ran to produce the page.


Shows the MySQL queries, how long each part took on a query, and then at the bottom the total execution time to run all the queries.

Since you have access to the beta version of Ozzu, you are welcome to play with it while everyone still has access to that tool there. If you goto the beta website you will see a little green bug in the bottom corner. Click on it after you load any page and you can see all the statistics about it.

While my version is highly customized, it is based off of Particletree's PHP Quick Profiler, so you might check that out if you want to have a version for your website.

Hope that helps!

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