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I have experience with HTML and PHP but now much with XML. What I am trying to do is help my uncle with setting up online check processing through a company called Tempus Technologies. They are set up to receive XML with all the data (check number, routing number etc) via an HTTP post. They also have extensive documentation but I am having a tough time fully understanding how to send the data and how to handle their response, frankly, I'm not sure what the first step will be in making what they want. Do I write it in PHP? HTML? cURL?

Here is a copy of the pdf file they sent me, I couldn't find it via google so I uploaded it here: [no longer available]

All help is greatly appreciated.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

That PDF basically tells you everything you need to know...

* The METHOD of your form would be: post
* The ACTION of your form would be: The URL shown there in the documentation (Not hard coded)
* It tells you what the signs on the check means
* Tells you what kind of XML tags you need and would have... what type they are... what they would contain... if they are required... their size
* They also provide you with an example XML of different for some different things...
* And in appendix, they tell you other things you would need to know for the XML and PHP...

Makes me wonder if you actually read the thing... maybe I'm not understanding your position here, or maybe I completely misunderstood the PDF altogether (Hopefully not...) :lol:

Good luck and maybe someone would come by this post and give you a better explanation...

About base64 encoding... the function for that in PHP is base64_encode();

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