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Its been a while since I visited this forum, but you guys have always been really helpful (I usually read not post).

Currently where I'm working we created a way of setting variables and sequencing SWFs via XML (which has really streamlined things between our developers and our animators)
We also develop in other web technologies besides flash, and I want to bring that same workflow with images and other multimedia plugins. I think the best way to accomplish this is Javascript...So far my proof of concepts have gone very well except for one thing.
For it to have any production value... I need to be able to preload the next sequence of content... and currently I haven't found a good way of doing this for flash swfs. I want to be not looking for a flash preloader... I need to be able to preload a swf from javascript before displaying it.
I did a quick search here and found a post
people talked about using a hidden DIV, I have had problems with this solution. Unless I'm missing something flash doesn't seem to load the swf until it is actually visible (for example having a div with an alpha of 0 with a swf in it doesn't seem to load the swf... it waits for the alpha to be set to 1)
I figured this is something that someone has done before, or at least researched... and all the information I could find was kind of dated...
Any help would be appreciated, ill post my solution when I get the time to dive into it and make one.

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