Prevent someone using myphpfile.php from another server

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Hi guys,

few days ago my host says in one of my website are sending large mail, that come from senegal country ip

here are my host says

There were another 16 mails in the queue this morning going to a very large number of recipients.

X-PHP-Script: domaindotcom/myphpfile.php for 111.222.333.444

That seems to be the source IP, they more than likely injecting headers into the mail() being used in PHP, there are a few regexes and methods on the Internet if you google on how to prevent it.

myphpfile.php are file for sending private message (member got email notification too for each private message) to another member in my site, you must be login to use that page

is there a way to prevent myphpfile.php page by accessing from other server, so only real user that can accessing the page? maybe like prevent hotlinking image

please share your knowledge guys
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Post 3+ Months Ago ... urity.html

Does that answer your question?
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In what way does your system check if the user is logged in? Does it actually check the log-in status in the myphpfile.php or in the file that is only using that file?
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Be sure you're sanitizing user input so you're getting what you expect to get. In this case, perhaps that means validating that a supplied email address is just 1 email address. Maybe something like this:
PHP Code: [ Select ]
if( preg_match("/\@.*\@/",$email) ){
   // too many @ symbols
  1. if( preg_match("/\@.*\@/",$email) ){
  2.    // too many @ symbols
  3. }

Be sure you're defining your headers right before you send your email, as such:
PHP Code: [ Select ]
$headers = 'From: noreply'."\r\n"
.'X-Mailer: Web Portal';
  1. $headers = 'From: noreply'."\r\n"
  2. .'X-Mailer: Web Portal';
  4. mail($email,$subject,$message,$headers);

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