3D "Procedural City"

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Shamus over at his blog Twenty Sided kept records of an awesome project where they created a helicopter view of a 3D city generated entirely using procedural content.

The video has a short demonstration which is cool and lets you see the results, but if you've got some time the 15 part series of detailed blog posts is worth the read. :D

If you can't see the Flash Video below, here's a youtube link

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Post 3+ Months Ago

you can do this fairly quickly using sidefx software's HOUDINI... but it's quite expensive :)

You can just make several models... and use model deformer nodes to displace them and or right expressions to control signs text/ shape/ size.

Then you could just create a grid... use the "scatter" tool to scatter points of the grid based on a paint node you put down.. you can paint the points (this would be used to paint where the buildings should go... maybe if you have a river or something you want it to following like a shoreline)... then use a copy sop to distribute the procedural models onto the points... you can apply a transform node with other expressions to further modify the city to your liking.

I did something like this to create a wave scene much like "the day after tomorrow"

Sorry I didn't mean to go all tutorial on you... i just got excited lol

I love 3D <3

cool stuff though.

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