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I'm looking for a good free HTML editor.

It doesn't need to be WYSIWYG. This kind of editor always generate html with a lot of tables, what I hate. I use CSS.

I'm looking for the following features in a unique editor:

-> syntax highlight for HTML, javascript and CSS;

-> syntax check for HTML, javascript and CSS;

-> code completion for HTML, javascript and CSS;

-> show brackets or tags block closure (if you put the text cursor over a opening tag, for example, the editor highlights the related closing tag too);

-> automatic refactoring of relative paths inside source code files (if you change the folder of your image files, for example, the editor changes the reference paths in your HTML, javascript and CSS files);

-> projects (one project per site) support is desirable, but not needed.

If you know a FREE html editor that can make all of this, please tell me.

Please, don't answer if your suggestion is not free, or if it doesn't fit my needs. I can not test all HTML editors around the world.

Thanks for your understanding.
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What I'd suggest is to do the following, get yourself dreamweaver, and start off inside the code view ... Thus you will fill in the code yourself, and I think it has most or all of those features that you listed ...
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