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I'm a beginner in the PHP world. I am trying to make a page and wanted to do something that I do not find in my research.
I have a variable that is entered by the user ($IF)and then have to go see a table which describes the result.
Can I have this variable in a database and their description and when the variable is generated the description appear? Otherwise I'll have to put the whole table.

How can I do this, please.
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Where is it entered? A form?

If so, you would have something like this..

PHP Code: [ Select ]
$if=$_POST["formfield"] //Set $if = whatever the user enters
$query=mysql_query("SELECT description FROM table WHERE field='$if'");
//Get Result From the database
//Show the field result - description
echo $result[0];
  1. $if=$_POST["formfield"] //Set $if = whatever the user enters
  2. $query=mysql_query("SELECT description FROM table WHERE field='$if'");
  3. //Get Result From the database
  4. $result=mysql_fetch_array($query);
  5. //Show the field result - description
  6. echo $result[0];
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Steve, what happens when someone submits the following text in the form field:

Code: [ Select ]
'; DROP TABLE `table`;--

Always sanitize inputs first.

PHP Code: [ Select ]

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