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As some of you might know, I'm planning to create my own CMS system. Maybe it wouldn't compete with Joomla and other major CMS systems, or it might, I don't know. I'm mainly going to create it for my own site, but I would allow the public to have it as well. So security would be a huge responsibility for me on it :)

That's not the point of this post though, what I want is some pointers how I could brush up my skills in PHP so I could do the following:

Have faster page loads
Secure transactions and practices
Conventional coding

I'm not looking for general ideas like "just code a bit" or "google" or something like that. For one thing, I'm not sure what I should google or what area of PHP I should practice to get better security on forms and transactions.

I'm looking for some specific answers like... well, I don't know. I don't know any specifics, I just know PHP enough to be able to create any CMS.

* I don't know OOP as well as I would like to... maybe instead of me googling for a tutorial, you could tell me about a tutorial you learned from and know that it works and has a good 'teaching plan' or recommend me a decently priced book about it. I'll be googling, I just want some specifics here so I would know what to google, and possibly learn things here.

I'll be visiting some tutorials here and trying to learn what I need to know... and hopefully more. I think of myself as an over-achiever... I don't know how others think of me in that aspect :lol:

Thanks for the replies

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