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I've got an e-commerce client that wants to develop a shopping cart that's got some usability issues...

What he wants to do, is to take the orders (via email), then manually calculate the shipping charges himself, then send them back an email with the total price where they would be gracefully be prompted to pay through PayPal.

Not real cool, but that is what he wants to do, because he believes that the shipping algorythm would be too much of a bear to automate...

Anyway....Has anybody else send a shopping cart that works like this? I would like to get some ideas on how to handle this, and how to explain to a customer that the shopping experience is actually a 2 part step...

Thx! :shock:
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I've not seen one like this up and running, and if I have, I haven't ordered from it, so wouldn't know that it works this way, heh.

But, this sounds relatively straightforward to code, especially if payments are going to be 100% PayPal. It's basically..

1) Customer adds to cart n' checks out. It stores the order in the database, and sends an E-Mail to the admin
2) Admin goes in, modifies the shipping amount, E-Mails the user, "Here's the URL of your order, now go pay"
3) Customer goes to the URL, if all is good, clicks "Pay", and goes to PayPal.

You've just got to figure out the scripts to display the products, add them to the cart, generate order numbers (and pass those along to PayPal so the admin knows which payments go with which orders), you've gotta design your database in such a way that it allows for easy editing of the order & shipping charge, and you'd probably need the script itself to send the customer the E-Mail where they can go pay for their order.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Moved to programming.

I had this same challenge and worked through the solution with the help of several here: ... oscommerce

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