Spam stripper code anyone?

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I've been writing my own php class for people to comment on things for my site.

i've realized spam might be a problem for this... I was wondering if anyone had a good string span stripper... like removing A hrefs or antying

just looking for some free code :-p
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Well, you could use <a href="">preg_replace()</a> and do it yourself, which would probably be the easiest way of them all.
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I always replace '<' with &lt;

that way the html simply becomes text
it also breaks anyone trying to insert a script on to the page
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The problems with simply replacing certain tags is that it's dirty, a cleaner way would be to search for theese tags and if found cancel logging of the comments and redirect to a "To help prevent spam" page asking the user to please remove offending tags and resubmit. I dont know much about php but in an ASP enviroment it would look somthing like this,
Code: [ Select ]
array of banned strings...............
cmnt = Request.Form("comment")
For i=0 To banned.length-1
 If Instr(cmnt, banned(i)) Then
   spam = "spamcheck.asp?comment=" & cmnt
 End If
  1. array of banned strings...............
  2. cmnt = Request.Form("comment")
  3. For i=0 To banned.length-1
  4.  If Instr(cmnt, banned(i)) Then
  5.    spam = "spamcheck.asp?comment=" & cmnt
  6.    Response.Redirect(spam)
  7.  End If
  8. Next

Redirect submission to a light version of the submit page with a list of banned tags.

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