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*sigh* I hate being such a newbie. Anyway, I'm using a script called Tiny Tool Wiki to automate account creations for my reseller account. I'm still testing it out before I put it up for use with customers. (I've heard of other good scripts, but I honestly can't afford a script at $150, you know?)

Anyway, I did what I was supposed to do, filling in values and customizing the HTML portion. The script seems to work fine until after a customer pays. The process goes fine; I have IPN turned on and the account is created. However, after all that, the customer is supposed to go back to a Welcome.php where they view their account information. This page also emails itself to the customer, sending an email to them including their username and password.

Now, instead of doing just that, Welcome.php ends up redirecting back to the order form on Order.php. I haven't altered the script in the Welcome page, and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to (I don't think I am). Does anyone know what might be wrong?

Since that didn't work, I created a new folder and started over, this time ONLY filling in needed values and not altering the HTML. It still doesn't work and still ends up redirecting to Order.php, and no emails are sent. Only I get an email, and that is the one generated by WHM when it's completed the account. I'm at my wit's end. :(
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Where did you get the script?

Without looking at it, I'd suspect your configuration settings aren't correct for your server. Try to find where it's setting the redirect url (you can probably just open the associated files and Edit>Find "Location:" , though that too is just a guess)

Is this the Perl "TinyWiki", or something else?

Either way, the fact that it's not redirecting properly and not using it's mailing functions says it's probably misconfigured.

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