tutoring needed on form handler and cgi script

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I'm building my 1st website for my friend's business. I'm using DREAMWEAVER MX, which makes it easy for me to make a form page. Now I need help on the form handler part. I copied a free cgi script for text parsing.
My question is, does this script just parse the text, or does it also handle the email part, If not where can i find a form handler online?
Will there be any type of conflicts between the cgi script for this, form handler and/or parse text , and the script for the form that was written by dreamweaver??

I'm in dire needs of tutoring for this form handler issue. Can I also have some instructions on which files go where when I upload to the server?? Thanks

This is link to the cgi script for parse text.

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I'm not sure that script will satisfy what you want. At a quick glance it looks like a simple javascript to parse text from the form and write it to a new HTML page. There is nothing in there to handle the email.

A very well-known cgi script for form handling is formmail from Matt's script archive:

I've used this very successfully and easily for several years. It's free, and there is very little to edit. To use it, your domain host needs to support Perl and have sendmail (most should). The set up instructions are very easy to follow. Primarily all the editing to the Perl script is to make sure the path to perl is correct and the path to send mail and the referers is correct (this information can be obtained from your host). The formmail script gets uploaded to the cgi-bin and your form can be easily created in Dreamweaver. The action would be cgi-bin/formail.pl The form itself can be uploaded as an HTML page anywhere on your site as long as the path to formail.pl in the action of the form is the correct path.

The script takes care of the rest.

There are other good, easy scripts to use and I'm sure some will offer their favorites, but this one works and is relatively easy to use. I knew zero, zip, nada about Perl the first time I used it and it worked!

Good luck.

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