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I am hoping someone can give me a little insight into a situation I have.

I have a PHP script on my website that tries to detect the real visitor IP address using the following environment variables in the following order:

Code: [ Select ]

When a visitor is detected, an email is sent to me with the visitor IP and assoicated information.

I have a situation where the following IPs were detected at one time in the following order. I have also included what I know about the IPs.
APNIC Registrar
RIPE NCC Registrar
Vodafone Content Services Germany portal net, Germany
RIPE NCC Registrar
Yahoo! Europe, Great Britain

I am trying to figure out what all this means.

Would the 223.. IP address be the real ip of the visitor?

The 10... IP addresses give me the impression a proxy was used.

The 80.... and 87... IPs are from completely different areas of the world and am wondering if these are assoicated with the 10... IPs to provide a fake IP.

Would appreciate any explanations here

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Post 3+ Months Ago

well the 10.... is a registured private ip address.

just like 192.168....

The address is a proxy.

I am pretty sure that the 10.215... address are also proxy considering where they are coming from.

I am trying to figure out however as to why you are trying to find out exactly why you want to know where all your visitors are coming from?

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