win api, c++, minimum resize dimensions?

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OK, I am trying to make my application only allow a certain minimum width and height.

According to these 2 pages on the msdn:


Pointer to a MINMAXINFO structure

My code (placed within my WndProc function) is correct:
C Code: [ Select ]
case WM_GETMINMAXINFO: //window size/position is going to change
  lParam->ptMinTrackSize.x = (long)windowMinWidth; //apply custom min width/height
  lParam->ptMinTrackSize.y = (long)windowMinHeight;
  return 0;
  1. case WM_GETMINMAXINFO: //window size/position is going to change
  2.   lParam->ptMinTrackSize.x = (long)windowMinWidth; //apply custom min width/height
  3.   lParam->ptMinTrackSize.y = (long)windowMinHeight;
  4.   return 0;

Strangely, I get an error "base operand of '->' is not a pointer" for the 2 lines in question.
According to the msdn, lParam is a pointer in this scenario.

I have tried a few solutions involving the MINMAXINFO structure but they are always worse ideas and have worse compilation errors that the solution which the msdn seems to make obvious.

So why do Microsoft always lie in the msdn? I have had several ongoing issues in programming for the windows api because the documentation is so flawed. It always takes the mind of an experienced windows api programmer to set me right, what is the solution for Microsoft's fail this time?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

That truly is odd. Can you set a breakpoint and examine the actual type/value of lParam?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Try casting lParam as a MAXMININFO struct. Also do what spork said.

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