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Does anyone use WordPress?

Does anyone use WordPress Plugins?

How do I reset a plug in?

I got a plug-in for wordpress which bridges a link between wordpress and mybb.

The problem is this. After I finally got the right settings put in, it is kind of stuck. Where it says (unavailable) for the name of the forum, I cannot change it and so it will not accept the input.

So how do I uninstall and uninstalled plugin?

I am in limbo. I cannot complete the setting up of a plug in and I cannot uninstall the plug-in. There is a bug in the dashbord configuration of the plug in and it will not let me continue putting in the right input fields. Now that I know the correct input to put in, I need to restart the process.

But the plug in is not in my list of installed plug ins. So I cannot delete it and restart it.

What do I do?

I tried ftp'ing to the web site and deleting the plug in folder and that seemed for a moment to be the corrrect choice. But when I got to the options dashboard for the plug-in, it was still in this limbo state where the fields that I needed to imput were shown by a character string "(unavailable)".

Clearly, this is a no-brainer for you if you are an experienced wordpress user and have used a lot of plug ins (which I am not). Please help.

What I fear I might need to do is to either step into the PHP code (ugh!) or open up my MySql tables and try to guess on what entries I should delete to force a reset somehow (ugh!).

The code is all out on a hosted server. So I shutter at the task of finding out how to step through the PHP code as if I was debugging a C++ program. Just setting that up will be a pain. There are several avenues I suppose I can take to fix this. Any advice?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I would start by looking through the plugins source code for two strings.


I'm on a system with grep available so I would use something like this via SSH to find those calls, assuming I'd already changed my CWD to the plugin folder.

Code: [ Select ]
grep -r -n -i 'register_deactivation_hook' .

Running that on the last plugin I wrote would return the following.

Code: [ Select ]
joebert@ubuntubert-2:~/$ grep -r -n -i 'register_deactivation_hook' .
./autobox.php:422:   register_deactivation_hook(__FILE__, array(autobox_wp, 'deactivate'));
  1. joebert@ubuntubert-2:~/$ grep -r -n -i 'register_deactivation_hook' .
  2. ./autobox.php:422:   register_deactivation_hook(__FILE__, array(autobox_wp, 'deactivate'));
  3. joebert@ubuntubert-2:~/$

Which tells me that Wordpress is supposed to execute the "deactivate" method of the "autobox_wp" class when the plugin is un-installed. It would be similar for the activation_hook.

Then I would go through those files and see what the plugin changed when it was being installed. Maybe I can just change a couple of database flags manually real quick, maybe I can quickly delete some database values and revert a file or three to backups in order to reset my Wordpress installation to before the plugin was installed.

This is of course assuming the plugin sticks with the plan and only modifies the Wordpress installation during activation and deactivation.

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