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Post Posted: October 15th, 2003, 12:51 pm

This is what i want to do: - Question A - Question B - Question C If a user selects question A, they are forwarded to the Question A page. I don't want them to be able to go back to the question page and select a new answer if they decide question A wasn't what they really wanted. I want the questio...

Post Posted: September 14th, 2003, 12:29 am

if you are able to recover your passwords and help me out id be so grateful!!

godaddy's help techs are very lame and cut&paste-ish.

Post Posted: September 14th, 2003, 12:13 am

you wouldnt happen to know offhand, what those options were or might be, do you?

Post Posted: September 13th, 2003, 8:36 pm

andy007 wrote:
What kind of servers do you have ? web? ftp?? mail? or samba?
You don't need a script. Just use the service configuration.

what do you mean by 'service configuration'?

Post Posted: September 13th, 2003, 8:30 pm

im new with and instead of visitors seeing everytime they click a link, i want them to see the only other option (ive noticed) was to have it go to instead. how do i make it so there is no ip or frame...
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