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Post Posted: February 1st, 2006, 8:50 pm

So you have a string say: somevarible = -100; string = "1-22+88+somevariable"; and you want flash to process this string to equal 67... how would you do this i cant find a command to do this... or even a command to do: string = "1-5+2"; //w/o a variable to equal -2 any ideas?

Post Posted: September 5th, 2005, 8:16 pm

I have one word... genius...
it actually worked... no one else knew how to fix the suttle error

Post Posted: September 4th, 2005, 4:34 pm

any reason why in IE the banner graphic appears perfectly in center and why in Firefox the banner graphic is off by one pxiel...

Post Posted: September 1st, 2005, 4:30 pm


Post Posted: September 1st, 2005, 2:24 pm

why wont this page center:

- any ideas?

Post Posted: May 16th, 2005, 8:36 pm

well im trying to insert smililies into a flashmx textarea using the >img> tag, but flash does not support images in line w/ text.. like so :twisted:, and thusly i would have to use hspace and a negative vspace to correctly place the image in line w/ text.. unless anyone knows of a better way..

Post Posted: May 2nd, 2005, 5:14 am

is there anyway to get the x coordinate of the caret w/ in a text field... i know of Selection.getCaretIndex() ... but this simply returns the character value by which the caret is located.... and i know you could try to derive a formula using Selection.getCaretIndex() to estimate the x value... how...

Post Posted: March 8th, 2005, 6:59 pm

scroll to the bottom of the page... notice the hangover over the lines?

Post Posted: March 8th, 2005, 6:12 am

this website: , has an error when viewed under Internet Explorer, the table extends to the bottom of the page.. any ideas as to why???

thanks in advance

Post Posted: March 7th, 2005, 6:58 pm

yeah we plan to add more to the slideshow/video clip... this merely what i like to call a designer's sketch.. many of the photos for the website have yet too reach my desk, and the photo in the show was simply one i already had... the original plan was to include one for each winter sports team (as ...

Post Posted: March 5th, 2005, 8:08 pm

yeah accesibility is something that im gonna have too work on ... this is simply a layout, not the final product

Post Posted: March 2nd, 2005, 6:23 pm

yeah i just noticed that today.. any possible reasons?

Post Posted: March 1st, 2005, 7:00 pm


let me know what u guys think of the new layout :D


Post Posted: January 17th, 2005, 3:24 pm

thank you so much dubya!!!

i should have used CSS... why didn't i think of that?

works great!

Post Posted: January 17th, 2005, 12:47 pm

didn't correct issue

Post Posted: January 17th, 2005, 11:53 am It seems the alignment of the right header image changes when the website is viewed under IE, however in Firefox it appears fine... any ideas??? Is there a code error which anyone notices? Thanks in Advance p.s. website is obviously not complete... thus no navigation exists

Post Posted: August 18th, 2004, 9:33 am

html error in IE the page is generated incorrectly however in Firefox its fine: ... ngmain.cfm
any ideas?

Thanks :)

Post Posted: June 3rd, 2004, 2:52 pm

I think the site may be a bit too busy, at least for a home page...

design wise, listen to above comments

Post Posted: June 3rd, 2004, 2:51 pm

I think the site may be a bit too busy, at least for a home page...

design wise, listen to above comments

Post Posted: May 9th, 2004, 5:45 pm

i meant the content with the black & white jpg

Yes NOW the dhtml menu on the top works... the left menu still doesn't work properly...

Post Posted: May 9th, 2004, 2:09 pm

yeah I meant the bg behind the text... but I agreed to disagree with rtm223, I think that if you lessen the contrast on the bg image it will look fine... by the way, the site looks fine in IE6, but in Firefox the left menu doesn't look right, i.e. the arrow buttons don't show up and the dhtml menu d...

Post Posted: May 9th, 2004, 6:26 am

the navigation is unique.. I've never seen button styles like the ones you have on the left column. I would get rid of the background you have behind the text. Other suggestions: - Add color or colour (depending where you're from), to the site, I see too much blue there - Align the page to the cente...

Post Posted: May 8th, 2004, 7:13 pm

Footer - Yeah I haven't gotten so far as to even finish the bottom of the page lola , but yeah I was planning on a nice footer Graphic - Yeah those are a couple parrots (Don't ask me what kind of parrot, iamb just the technology expert, not the environmentalist :D ) falconet Error - Yeah I defiantel...

Post Posted: May 8th, 2004, 6:20 pm

This is what I like to call an "interactive sketch" as to what the site will look like. It hasn't been animated, cms-enabled, or completed yet, but I'm curious as to what you guys think of the site thus far...

Post Posted: January 22nd, 2004, 5:25 pm

yeah our next issue will have 6-10 articles, not bad for a site launched only a couple of weeks ago

(note the home page is not the magazine issue... the magazine issue s the flash app that is launched when u click issue... i may have confused some ppl)

Post Posted: January 22nd, 2004, 5:13 pm

A few pts.

- while i can tell right away how u did that flash menu... it looks incredible...

- one would think a brownish-orangy-whatever would look bad on white, but with your site it adds flow, and looks enticing

- cool name...

Post Posted: January 22nd, 2004, 5:06 pm

yeah the last time I did a site for a band... they too neglected an intro... but they did want a flashy site.

I think the tides are changing... flash for splash has died, and flash for cache (well html like pages, but html didnt rhyme) has been born.

Post Posted: January 15th, 2004, 5:23 pm

the site is very much under construction, i mean i wrote the actual site content in about an hour... the main focus has been on publishing the first issue of the magazine. when we have more time, we will try to focus on the actual site content/flash animation. When i said content above, i meant the ...

Post Posted: January 14th, 2004, 6:15 pm

review on site, and content too! (especially if you have a Dell DJ, you could give good feedback here)

Post Posted: December 21st, 2003, 8:36 am

it runs very very slow... I have a 3mbs/sec connection & it still hasn't loaded 30 seconds later

Post Posted: December 20th, 2003, 1:54 pm

thanks... what animation should i produce for the navbar?

Post Posted: December 19th, 2003, 6:17 pm

yeah, stylesheets are alwats smart... i actually forgot to make one,... whoops... :) 12/04/03.. yeah, that's just a .jpg anways... eventually im going to make it a flash file, so that ppl can change the title and date through our content management system, rather than having to upload a new jpeg, bu...

Post Posted: December 19th, 2003, 4:54 pm & (main site under major construction) The links don't work, the menu doesn't work, the top bar hasn't really been animated, and the mailing list/search is currently unavaiable. I just want a critique on the design :D I know I've reviewed me...

Post Posted: December 17th, 2003, 8:03 pm

Personally, I hate frames... when I first started w/ web design I must say I loved it, then I realized what a problem this created for web users and search engines... I haven't used frames since 01'... for these reasons...

Post Posted: December 17th, 2003, 7:58 pm

wait, do u want a free CMS, or one that costs $$$... cause as far as open source CMS's go, most suck... in fact, I think they ALL do, I would recommend customizing an opensource CMS, and improving on its prewritten code.

Post Posted: December 17th, 2003, 7:56 pm

I like the avril L. one the best!

Post Posted: December 17th, 2003, 7:51 pm

It looks so blah, like many other sites on the web, could you add something more to it... a nice graphic would be cool 8)

Post Posted: December 17th, 2003, 7:50 pm

by myself... :), I use the GNAX datacenter and network.

Post Posted: December 17th, 2003, 7:48 pm

typical of 50-75% of hosts out there, many never make their so called guarantees...

Post Posted: December 9th, 2003, 10:33 am

yeah, honestly, no to sound rude :) , but what would be in it for us, credit is worth nothing...

Post Posted: December 2nd, 2003, 6:04 pm

note the forum is "unofficial" and differnet looking b/c of some of the posts on the forum... don't want to take the wrap if someone posts something illegal.

Post Posted: December 1st, 2003, 7:03 pm

what u think of the looks, no this isn't an ad

Post Posted: November 30th, 2003, 12:44 pm

---> Let me know what you guys think
---> DELETED - Since it isn't an add - b_heyer

Post Posted: November 23rd, 2003, 9:05 am

2nd one by far!

Post Posted: November 18th, 2003, 8:39 pm

I think, stop me if I'm wrong, Swish defaults compression @ SWF 4. If you tell Swish to compress at SWF 6, then the file size should be limited, it would help if you showed us the movie.

Post Posted: November 18th, 2003, 8:05 pm


Post Posted: November 18th, 2003, 7:39 pm

What do you think of this logo?

---> I wasn't exactly sure where to post this... I assumed this was a graphic arts/photography type thing, but I'm never sure...

Post Posted: November 9th, 2003, 9:58 am

Anyone who thinks it takes two - three months has got a rude awakening...

Post Posted: November 9th, 2003, 9:58 am

let's see... to master effective use of the program takes about 3 months to master the effective use of animation takes about 6-9 months to master the effective use of ActionScript takes about 2 years to master everything, is simple impossible, flash has so many functions it all depends... What do y...

Post Posted: November 4th, 2003, 8:16 pm

yeah, this site was constructed about a year ago... The band is actually having me do a version 2 of the site, and was just wondering what you liked/dislisked about the site... If you were me, would you construct the next site in flash or html... one thing is for sure, if I construct the next site i...

Post Posted: November 4th, 2003, 2:01 pm

come on any real suggestions...

Post Posted: November 3rd, 2003, 12:27 pm

another possible suggestion, consider moving the search form into the top or left bars... it looks kinda weird where it is right now...

Post Posted: November 3rd, 2003, 12:23 pm

I'm glad that I got so many useful reviews :evil:

Post Posted: November 1st, 2003, 2:16 pm

Yeah i like it, looks oh too similar to oh so many sites oh the net... but i still like it... reminds me of

Post Posted: November 1st, 2003, 9:35 am


Post Posted: October 29th, 2003, 5:19 pm

Whatya think: Index (LINK CLOSED) Forum: It's for a rock band in Washington DC... FAQs: Why is the forum @ is our web design company, all of our users forums are for security purposes... Who is Blackwater? A new band emerg...

Post Posted: October 29th, 2003, 5:08 pm

accidental double post... delete me!

Post Posted: October 29th, 2003, 5:07 pm

Very nice site... design wise I can't think of any suggestions :) Scripting & Layout Wise: Integrate the HTML file into the MX file, if you're using flash you might as well try and integrate it all into one MX file, allowing surfers to surf all on the same page. Forum: What happened? Your site was s...

Post Posted: October 29th, 2003, 5:01 pm

this is just my opinion, you can ignore everything I say... ColorWise: Personally I think the all the gray monotone colors take away from your site... I mean I like what you've done, but the gray just doesn't flow... maybe I just like colors... cause willstein liked it... Page Length: Your page's ar...

Post Posted: October 29th, 2003, 4:55 pm

logo? ALL sites should stress some sort of logo or symbol... Think of all the great sites, yahoo, google (well maybe a bad example of a good logo), and even has a logo... a logo is just essential!

Post Posted: October 21st, 2003, 2:24 pm

thanks :), I remember it from my old computer.. but forgot to reinstall it...
This is an awesome program!!!

Post Posted: October 20th, 2003, 1:02 pm

Does anyone remember what the name of the program is that is like notepad, but highlights the aspects of flash ActionScript... (so u dont have to use MX to write AS) because I need it and can't remember the name... it was freeware

Post Posted: October 18th, 2003, 3:41 pm

Well google is only going to be the best for so long... someone is sure to come up with something better, the question is how long... I would guess 3-5yrs, meaning if you plan to make a long term investment google may not be the best place. I mean we've been led to believe google is the best, but is...

Post Posted: October 18th, 2003, 3:36 pm

rock, rock, rock, and oh yeah um rock...

Post Posted: October 18th, 2003, 3:34 pm

ok u got your swf file.. blah.swf
when you click publish, it creates an swf and an html file...
then go to blah.html
open the file w/ notepad
enter in the code before the object tags
save the file...

you shouldnt have a problem...

Post Posted: October 18th, 2003, 6:05 am

Right before the object tags... in the HTML file

Post Posted: October 16th, 2003, 4:51 pm

Some Clarifications...

I was simply asking in a 'general' perspective, is flash better than HTML... for sites not updated more than once or twice a week...

Post Posted: October 14th, 2003, 2:15 pm

Why flash is better than HTML... as many reasons as you can come up with... I'm in an in depth argument, so a good 50 or 60 reasons should suffice... I mean I do EVERYTHING in flash (applications, full fledge sites, reporting applications, content management systems etc.), and this dude thinks flash...

Post Posted: October 14th, 2003, 2:07 pm

wow dude, if you didn't know what macromedia flash is, I think it's about time to stop your web development career all together... I mean even a hobo on the street could tell me that macromedia makes flash... giesh!

Post Posted: October 9th, 2003, 5:32 pm

You don't see photos like that too often... that dude was lucky to get that shot, but still incredible!

Post Posted: October 8th, 2003, 6:45 pm

lol... maybe a better Q is who likes bush? Ha, that must be like 1 dude out of a 100.

Post Posted: October 8th, 2003, 1:32 pm

well in flash you can create it all w/ AS... so i rarely use much of the buttons...

Post Posted: October 7th, 2003, 7:28 pm

Believe it or not the results of the next presidential election WELL effect the internet, as the president appoints members to the supreme court, which decide many internet related causes... Did Bush lie about Saddam, your opinions... Was war worth it? How much longer should we spend in Iraq? (get o...

Post Posted: October 7th, 2003, 2:45 pm

well, if anything, it will prompt more research from the mozilla foundation.. the web needs a standard opensource browser (instead of a commercially owned one)... in the end Mozilla or some other opensource app will win, (the battle may be over, but the war is far from opver, I mean come on the net ...

Post Posted: October 7th, 2003, 2:39 pm

blackwaterrock - SWiSH2 - like that wasn't obvious - 100% SWiSH, actually i started to do it in Flash, but it was a project for school (and i always procasinate) so I ended up spending an alll nighter developing it into SWiSH - flash/swish(it loads a flash movie on top of ...

Post Posted: October 4th, 2003, 9:51 am

ok, I'll show my design work: I do behind the scenes work for: - i made a graphical analysis program for them, but I can't show it to you - i also published my first attempt at Content...

Post Posted: October 3rd, 2003, 6:22 pm

aight.. I'm a serious flash developer... I encode flash products for content mangement systems, I design sites for many companies/organizations, and I have my own collection of personal flash sites... Currently I have both the latest copies of SWiSHmax and FlashMX... From a Developer Point of View: ...
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