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Post Posted: August 3rd, 2006, 6:57 pm

thanks, appreciate it alot

Post Posted: August 1st, 2006, 7:53 pm

hey, i have a question about this java compiler i installed on Gentoo recently, called JavaCC. i tried compiling a simple java program: [code] import java.awt.*; public class JavaTest { public JavaTest() { System.out.println("\n\n\n\nTesting!\n\n\n"...

Post Posted: December 27th, 2005, 2:33 pm

i want to install vsftpd on my gentoo computer. Ive already used emerge to download and install it, but im not sure where to go from here. Are there any websites you can suggest to help me set up users/start vsftpd or any of that stuff? this is my first experience with gentoo, and the command line v...

Post Posted: December 6th, 2005, 5:58 pm has some good stuff on C and C++ as well. im pretty sure it has a full tutorial on C, but not on C++. it has some stuff on it.

also, it has some advanced stuff on C, like OpenGL and such(very useful, its where i got my start with it)

Post Posted: November 25th, 2005, 6:14 pm

thanks so much dude

i think Java should have a delete function anyways. ;) its my language of choice, but that doesnt mean i like every aspect of it.

JDialog? im creating my own because i want very specific items and layout, but ill look into JDialog, it might make it easy for me

Post Posted: November 25th, 2005, 8:31 am

lets say i create a new JFrame object -- my main program. i have it handle certain action events. when a certain button, Address, is clicked, i have it open another JFrame window. in this new window, GetInfo, i have 2 buttons: cancel and submit. i want my program to be able to exit the GetInfo windo...

Post Posted: November 24th, 2005, 6:56 pm

text field

but, i think i got it, thanks anyways

Post Posted: November 22nd, 2005, 9:42 pm

ive been trying to figure this out on my own for a while, but for some reason i cant get enough information about it.

is there anybody who can tell me exactly how to detect key events with java? maybe an example would help, as well...


Post Posted: August 11th, 2005, 2:16 pm


Post Posted: August 11th, 2005, 12:31 pm

one more question--- how do i get it to work in an applet?

Post Posted: August 11th, 2005, 12:26 pm

wow! awesome! thanks so much dude!

Post Posted: August 11th, 2005, 12:13 pm

its just that one line

Post Posted: August 11th, 2005, 12:00 pm

yep, and just to be sure, i tried again. still didnt work

Post Posted: August 11th, 2005, 11:56 am

yep, i went there and typed that in the exact folder that my .class file was in

Post Posted: August 11th, 2005, 11:33 am

I recently started reading a book on Java. I installed the Sun One Studio compiler, Community Edition. Ive had a problem with all my java programs. Basically, i can compile, build, and execute the program inside the compiler, with its own i/o box. But, when i try to run the program outside of the co...

Post Posted: August 9th, 2005, 2:00 pm

that would depend on the names of the checkboxes. Im not familiar with the "for in" loop, but im assuming you mean the "for" loop. Im not too familiar with javascript, but i know C/C++ and PHP well. let me show you what it might look like in javascript. [php] function check(form) { var i; for (i = 0...

Post Posted: August 9th, 2005, 7:01 am

try using an iframe...? thats simple HTML.

Code: [ Select ]
<iframe src="source page"></iframe>

Post Posted: August 8th, 2005, 7:56 pm

i posted a topic about this a while back and didnt get results to my satisfaction. to refresh everybodies memory, i wanted to know how to detect when a user closes the browser. Now, what somebody told me then was that it couldnt be done, you would just need to consider the browser closed if you didn...

Post Posted: August 2nd, 2005, 6:54 pm

for some reason, i get this error every time i try to create and use a javascript variable: <variable> has no properties heres the actual code i was working with: [code] <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- function checkInput(form) { var username = form.use...

Post Posted: August 2nd, 2005, 1:35 pm

as far as im concerned, unless youre doing major programs, like games or something, there really is no need for vast amounts of knowledge about math. Even with graphics design, there isnt much of a need for math(usually). Ive found my uses, but you can be a skilled programmer and never need any more...

Post Posted: August 2nd, 2005, 9:43 am

great idea, thanks

Post Posted: August 2nd, 2005, 9:03 am

ok...what i need to do is make it so when a user opens my website, it tells the entire main page theyre on(simple enough), and i have that part down, but how would i go about telling the website when they close the window? how would i remove them from the list? im sure weve all seen this many times,...

Post Posted: August 2nd, 2005, 8:49 am

thanks for the help

Post Posted: August 1st, 2005, 8:22 pm

i can help. email me at

i might answer tomorrow, depending on how soon you reply

Post Posted: August 1st, 2005, 8:18 pm

i was wondering if there was any way to pass a js variable from one page to the next? thanks for the help

Post Posted: August 1st, 2005, 3:13 pm

lets say i have a div class that has a background color, so it might look like this in CSS:
Code: [ Select ] { font-weight: bold; color: #00FF00; background-color: #FF0000; font-family: verdana; }
how would i change the value of the background color in JavaScript? ...

Post Posted: August 1st, 2005, 2:57 pm

you might try posting in the linux forum instead

Post Posted: August 1st, 2005, 2:55 pm

i have a quick question about variables in JavaScript... is there any way to manipulate values in CSS with a JavaScript function? can manipulate the values in an input element with form.input.value, but can you change the value of background-color in a CSS function with JavaScript?


Post Posted: August 1st, 2005, 2:54 pm

i could do it in PHP/MySQL, but it would cost you...and this post will probably be moved to job offers as me or something(

Post Posted: July 28th, 2005, 9:59 am

wow, since when is there an opengl forum? lol, i didnt even know it existed. thanks again

Post Posted: July 28th, 2005, 9:32 am

ok, ive had this problem for a few days now, and ive narrowed it down. But, i still cant figure out how to fix it, or what to even look for to fix it. This is what ive come up with. the problem(if you didnt read my last post) is that i get an error toward one particular function. Only when i link, n...

Post Posted: July 28th, 2005, 9:16 am

i like some quiet music in the background. but sometimes, if i crank it, i cant i have to pay attention to what i listen to

Post Posted: July 27th, 2005, 7:02 pm

thanks very much

Post Posted: July 27th, 2005, 1:42 pm

I dont know if anybody will be able to answer my question, but i have a linking error with an OpenGL function...its a little odd, but i dont have alot of experience with OpenGL, so i wouldnt really know what odd is, if you know what i mean. Heres the error: [code] test.obj : error LNK2001...

Post Posted: July 26th, 2005, 8:49 pm

i dont quite understand your question, but if youre talking about what i think, then you want to make a game...? and a game server as well, i suppose. I believe guild wars was made with C++. in fact, unless DirectX works with something other than C++(i havent been informed), then it is definitely C+...

Post Posted: July 15th, 2005, 8:12 pm

i was recently installing Gentoo on my two hard drives, 8.1 gig and 2.1 gig, and im not too familiar with fdisk...can somebody give me some information on how to dual-boot like i need? just a website or something...i couldnt find any info on google, but then again, i didnt look too hard...thanks

Post Posted: July 15th, 2005, 8:09 pm

thanks very much, now i shall hack you. 1 pwn you. lol jk, but seriously, thanks

Post Posted: July 15th, 2005, 1:22 pm

you might also try nano...its a pico clone. i use it, and its good for coding, because some versions have colors and stuff...anyways, you might install nano from the source. thats what i do, because rpms suck. i hate redhat and fedora.(no offense, gentoo pwns)

Post Posted: July 15th, 2005, 1:18 pm

hey, ive been playing around with iptables and stuff like that, and i was wondering if anybody has information on hacking like to read it so i can better secure my system. Ive looked a little bit on google, but not too much...can somebody at least explain how it works?

Post Posted: July 7th, 2005, 10:25 am

when i try to send the archive, it gives me an error that says something to the effect of theres no data contained in the file, but i know for a fact that the archive isnt empty

Post Posted: July 7th, 2005, 10:23 am

i know how to set an input field and text field back to its original values with HTML, but how do i clear them completely? for example, this will set the fields back to their default values:
Code: [ Select ]
<input type="reset" value="Clear">
but, how do i clear them complete...

Post Posted: July 7th, 2005, 9:29 am

thanks so much

Post Posted: July 7th, 2005, 9:00 am

this might be an odd question, but i was wondering if theres any way to send a, lets say i have a layout something like this(sorry for this...)
Code: [ Select ]
button a | button b | button c button d | button e | button f
if i had all the buttons go to the same page, how would i recogni...

Post Posted: July 7th, 2005, 8:42 am

i already looked on, and i didnt find anything...i assumed somebody else looking might find more resources, and elsewhere...also, i seem to have trouble sending archives sometimes, and i assumed there was another way to do it.

Post Posted: July 7th, 2005, 8:14 am

how do i send archive files? like .zip, .tar, .gz, so do i send them via ftp with PHP? are there any sources on

Post Posted: July 7th, 2005, 8:11 am

while were on this subject, i think i kind of know what he wans, because i want the same thing...i was wondering how to make a datatype that can go infinitely high(number-wise) for example, a type unsigned long(on most computers) can go up to around 5 trillion i would i make a variable t...

Post Posted: July 6th, 2005, 9:11 pm

im using Linux, and i was wondering if there was any way to split processes with C or C++...i heard of something called Piping them a while back, but the only info i can find on it is for windows, not there something i can google to find out about splitting processes for linux? thanks for...

Post Posted: July 5th, 2005, 9:16 pm


Post Posted: July 5th, 2005, 9:15 pm

in C, they have macros called tolower and toupper, so im guessing PHP has strtoupper, and in C, thats what i used to de-sensify letters. Then, i would use a switch statement to check the stuff. anyways, the point is that strtoupper should work as well.

Post Posted: July 5th, 2005, 9:07 pm

i see, so(this has no relevance to my problem, but out of curiosity) if i had two windows machines, would i need to upload via http, like youre saying? or even two linux machines? ok back to the question... so how would i pursue this goal of uploading to the web server? is there any way to do it?

Post Posted: July 5th, 2005, 8:59 pm

my ftp server is on the same computer as my web server, and i want to upload the file from another one of my computers to my computer(i want to get the file from computer a to computer b by using my program)

Post Posted: July 5th, 2005, 8:57 pm

didnt work. :(

Post Posted: July 5th, 2005, 8:55 pm

i switched to linux, im using linux now -- ill try that, though

Post Posted: July 5th, 2005, 8:49 pm

im logging in to my vsftpd server via PHP's FTP stuff

Post Posted: July 5th, 2005, 8:39 pm

for some reason, every time i try to upload a file via FTP with PHP, it searches the server's directory for it. For example, i tried to upload a zip file with the path D:/Backup1/, and the PHP program tried to open the file /var/www/html/D:/Backup1/ I was wondering how i would...

Post Posted: July 4th, 2005, 9:34 am

for some reason, when i try to go to, it wont work. It says it cant connect. But, when i go to the actual IP address of, it goes there. Im pretty sure its a problem with DNS. it does the same for every website or dns name i try to go to. can somebody help me? im usin...

Post Posted: June 30th, 2005, 4:31 pm

i know this is an odd question, but i wanted to know if anybody knew how to check what mac addresses are connected to my linux in the proc directory, theres got to be some kind of file or something that tells that information right? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Post Posted: June 28th, 2005, 4:12 pm

i know this is a slightly novice question, but how would i go about adding and removing programs from starting when the computer boots up? thanks

Post Posted: June 27th, 2005, 6:11 pm

In a nutshell, linux is like windows xp in the sense that it starts when your computer starts, its your main engine, thats what you use to start everything. The upside to linux is that you can program on it, you can use it as a mail server, a web server, so on... The downside is that windows program...

Post Posted: June 27th, 2005, 1:22 pm


Post Posted: June 27th, 2005, 1:09 pm

nobody's answered my last 3 posts..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Post Posted: June 27th, 2005, 12:49 pm

Im making an interface for my services with redhat 9. I have 3 buttons: restart, stop, and start. How would i get php to know which one was pressed?

Post Posted: June 27th, 2005, 11:12 am

im using redhat 9, and i know how to set HTTPD to start at boot with the gui, but id like to know how to make it start at boot via the command line, can somebody help me? thanks

Post Posted: June 23rd, 2005, 3:49 pm

any ideas on where i could download the OpenGL GLUT package for redhat 9(or even gentoo)? any help would be appreciated. thanks.

Post Posted: June 21st, 2005, 12:14 pm


Post Posted: June 21st, 2005, 9:25 am

I was just wondering if GCC and PHP come with FreeBSD... can somebody help? thanks

Post Posted: June 15th, 2005, 7:18 pm


Post Posted: June 15th, 2005, 11:40 am

Hello, its me again, i was trying to install PHP on top of Apache2.0x, and when i typed
Code: [ Select ]
./configure --with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs --with-mysql
it errored and said "libxml2 version 2.5.10 or greater required". So, i downloaded the latest version of the rpm for i686, and ...

Post Posted: June 15th, 2005, 6:10 am

hey, i got it working, but it was cdrom after all...i have 2 cdroms in my computer, and one doesnt work...anyways, thanks for the help

Post Posted: June 14th, 2005, 8:01 pm

im having some issues mounting my cd rom with redhat 9...ive tried mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom and also ive tried mount -t iso9660 /mnt/cdrom, and neither has worked...any advice?

Post Posted: June 14th, 2005, 10:50 am

yeah, thanks so much, you helped alot

Post Posted: June 14th, 2005, 9:40 am

How do i send a variable from one php page to another? for example, if i had just logged somebody in via a form on a .html page, and they click on another link after being logged in, how do i keep their data updated? can i send a variable from one page to another via a php command?

Post Posted: June 14th, 2005, 6:50 am

thank you so much, that will suffice perfectly

Post Posted: June 13th, 2005, 5:36 pm

I know this is an odd question, and many wouldnt understand why i would want to do this, but is there any way i could backspace in a file? like, the \b escape sequence or something? for example, if i had a file that said: Happy grace sold me peanut butter and i wanted to backspace so that all that w...

Post Posted: June 12th, 2005, 6:59 pm

no, haha, i have a C++ compiler, im a C++ programmer and slightly new to...uh...other programming languages. haha, but PHP was easy for me to pick right up. im just having trouble with the socket end of it, even though i know berkeley C sockets, i dont know how to enable this stuff...i suppose ill l...

Post Posted: June 12th, 2005, 6:52 pm

i own the server, its my pc at home, its all set up and everything with Apache 2 and PHP 5...but, what would i do differently in the PHP installation to make the socket functions available? any suggestions? would i need to compile it with a C++ compiler, and add that line somewhere in the code? i su...

Post Posted: June 12th, 2005, 6:45 pm

yes i know, but right now im looking into sockets with PHP, and the server needs to be compiled, with the line -enable-sockets option in configure. heres the direct quote from The socket functions described here are part of an extension to PHP which must be enabled at compile time by giving...

Post Posted: June 12th, 2005, 6:36 pm

compiling the php code for my pages


i heard on that it can be compiled or something...

Post Posted: June 12th, 2005, 6:32 pm

im relatively new to php, and i was wondering how i would compile it... whats the name of the compiler? and if theres a linker, whats its name? Basically, what procedure would i follow?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Post Posted: June 12th, 2005, 6:27 pm

Good job, clever programming, you just need a little practice. You will start to understand pointers better and better the more you work with them. Remember, theyre the heart of programming, even OOP. But, no, you dont need pointers here. You could use a reference variable. But, be very careful how ...

Post Posted: June 12th, 2005, 11:46 am

eagle -- message me on msn, i think i can help

my email is

Post Posted: June 11th, 2005, 7:29 pm

after uncommenting the dll, every time i try to connect and look at one of my php programs, apache dings and it doesnt pretty sure its because im missing a dll needed for that file, but i dont know which one. can you help?

Post Posted: June 11th, 2005, 6:32 pm

why dont i uncomment all of them?(i know this is a totally newb question) which ones can i uncomment safely? or should i just leave the lot of them alone

by the way, its commented, thanks for the help

Post Posted: June 11th, 2005, 6:22 pm

let me elaborate... i just recently installed apache 2, php 5, and MySQL 4(i think), and when i write a php script with MySQL in it, it errors. Let me give some of the code... [php] <html> <body> <?php $db = mysql_connect("localhost", "root"); mysql_select_db("mydb",$db); $result = my...

Post Posted: June 11th, 2005, 4:10 pm

hey, i recently installed Apache 2.0.54x, php 5, and MySQL. Apache ran php5 well, but for some reason ive been having trouble incorporating MySQL into the mix... i read somewhere that php should be installed after MySQL is, so i reinstalled php, and it didnt do a single thing. Can somebody give me a...

Post Posted: June 11th, 2005, 9:55 am

Ive noticed that when i type an escape sequence in a text field, for example, the statement "Blaine\Logan enjoyed the trip", it prints a double slash, like so: "Blaine\\Logan". i know this is because its an escape sequence and it needs to print another slash to make it register as an actual slash in...

Post Posted: June 11th, 2005, 9:34 am


Post Posted: June 11th, 2005, 5:39 am

hey, i know how to do it in C and HTML, but \n and <br> dont work with a do i make a line break in a file? every time i tell it to print \n, it prints a square and never breaks a line, and every time i type <br>, well, it types <br>. so is there a php code for line break...

Post Posted: June 9th, 2005, 5:32 pm

SQL is interesting, but i think im moving on to PHP now. thanks for all the advice

Post Posted: June 9th, 2005, 2:36 pm

ok thanks

Post Posted: June 9th, 2005, 1:31 pm

thanks so, i hear there are multiple types of SQL, particularly SQL and mySQL...whats the difference? and are there any others? which one should i learn? (i would like to make minor database programs, nothing major) also, you mentioned that it can be used in any other language...i just wanted to say...

Post Posted: June 9th, 2005, 1:21 pm

let me explain what id like to do... i want to make a program that receives input from a client and sends the data over sockets to another program to interpret, and then print it on the other screen. This way, for a chat center as an example, i could just use the typical C++ output commands to send ...

Post Posted: June 9th, 2005, 10:34 am

Ive pretty much come to the end of the line with C++, and im (somewhat) getting bored with it(ashamed as i am), and i was wondering... what language should i learn next? i was thinking one of these: PHP Python Java SQL i know it greatly depends on what i want to do with my knowledge, so ill tell you...

Post Posted: June 9th, 2005, 10:26 am

i remember my brother doing this a long time ago, and i remember hearing about it but i dont remember how its there some way to redirect output and input to a program, like you can with a file? for example, is theresome way i could make a program to take input, then from there, take that d...

Post Posted: June 9th, 2005, 7:43 am

ah, javascript, i dont know javascript. sorry

Post Posted: June 9th, 2005, 7:07 am

im not quite sure how to make it blink, but what i can tell you is how to pop it to the forefront. what language are you using?

Post Posted: June 9th, 2005, 7:06 am

count me in, anything i can do to help? id be glad to.

i know OpenGL, C++, Sockets, and audio rendering

but ive never had any official training...

Post Posted: June 9th, 2005, 6:49 am

and your problem is you dont know how to handle the scope for the classes...?
i guess your problem isnt that you dont know how to derive, seeing as you have virtual functions, but i didnt look through your code too thoroughly

Post Posted: June 8th, 2005, 7:38 pm

also, there are tutorials on AI at , but thats pretty heavy too...maybe some biology would help.

Post Posted: June 8th, 2005, 7:17 pm

Dr Lang wrote:
but if you want to stick with purely C++, I recommend QT in comparison to DirectX or OpenGl.

QT? is there another name i can google it by? im interested...

Post Posted: June 8th, 2005, 2:51 pm

i have a header file, too, let me show you... [code] using std::string; class Gold { private: string firstName; string lastName; string creditCardNo; public: Gold(string fn, string ln, string ccn); Gold(); void GiveCreditCardNo(string ccn) { creditCa...

Post Posted: June 8th, 2005, 2:50 pm

let me show you my code... [code] #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> #include <vector> #include <cstdlib> #include "test.h" const char *file = "c:\\windows\\desktop\\users.dat"; int main() { string first...

Post Posted: June 8th, 2005, 2:43 pm

you see, i wrote a database program with C++ for a chat center i made. the way it works is i have data something like this:
Code: [ Select ]
[GOLD MEMBER] Brian Skye underwear
whereas [GOLD MEMBER] tells what type of user it is, for example, are they paying money or are they a guest? the secon...

Post Posted: June 8th, 2005, 1:54 pm

Does anybody here know what function i would use to detect the end of file with C++? I tried fin.eof(), but it doesnt seem to detect it. i also tried, and that didnt work either... Can somebody help me?

Post Posted: June 7th, 2005, 10:53 am

try adding .h after the headers or, if .h is already added, try taking it away....oh, and they shouldnt be in quotes unless youre using modules. put them in brackets like so: <stdlib.h> <time.h> <stdio.h> (or if they have .h) <cstdlib> <ctime> <cstdio>

Post Posted: June 7th, 2005, 10:47 am

dont worry, we all had a beginning, and after a while you get to know your compiler errors. usually when you see an error like "unexpected end of file found" it means theres a brace ({ or }) where it shouldnt be, or there isnt a brace where there should be. check through your code and see if youre m...

Post Posted: June 7th, 2005, 10:38 am

you need to read some books and stuff if you want to make a game. First, i suggest you update your knowledge of C++. Get the book C++ Primer Plus by Stephen Prata and read that, then maybe pick up a book on advanced techniques. As for the game design itself, there are a few options you have. First o...

Post Posted: June 7th, 2005, 10:24 am

i suppose i could help from what i know... if you want to create a master file from a txt, im assuming you want to read the data in from a few txts and then create a big file with all the info in it... if this is the case, you will need the program to know the names of all the txts. For example, if ...

Post Posted: June 6th, 2005, 12:30 pm

thanks dude, you seriously rock

Post Posted: June 6th, 2005, 7:57 am

First of all, i learned C and then C++, and am currently learning Java. I heard that C# was supposed to challenge java in its abilities, but i feel that java can do anything, as can C++, and even C. My proof that C can do anything is the linux kernel. It was written entirely in C, procedural or not....

Post Posted: June 6th, 2005, 7:44 am

You can't do that with the console, or not as far as i know, but you can do that with OpenGL or DirectX. Look into one of these. I use OpenGL, its said to be easier and quicker. Anyways, you should find that its one of the options in creating a window. Also, if you want it to start up, you need to a...

Post Posted: June 5th, 2005, 7:55 pm

i need two library files, one by the name of ogg.lib and the other by the name of vorbis.lib. i am learning how to use OpenAL, and as far as i know, my skills are complete except for one thing: i cant encode or decode ogg files, which are (for those of you that dont know) a codec, like mp3 and wma, ...

Post Posted: June 5th, 2005, 7:39 pm

clever...your programming style is slightly different than mine, though...i prefer C-style strings as often as possible, and this isnt an instance when i would need to save memory, so my way of doing it would involve an entirely different method of coding. from your code, ive understood that youre r...

Post Posted: June 5th, 2005, 4:46 pm

instead of defining a time_t variable, i believe you can just do this: int x; // creating the variables srand(time(0)); // seeding rand to be more "random" x = rand(); // getting the random value x = x % 10; // using modulus to make it 0 - 10 // and to refer to a random word in the array, refer to t...

Post Posted: March 25th, 2005, 2:22 pm

Hey, i was wondering if anybody knows a good tutorial or website or something i can learn about sending binary files for sockets in for ftp and stuff...? i tried to send by using fread() to read part of the file into a buffer, then sending it and using fwrite() to write to a new file, on th...

Post Posted: March 24th, 2005, 9:18 am

Hey, i have windows 98, and visual studio 6.0, and i need two functions from the C library, for programming in sockets, and they are read() and write(). I searched on the linux man pages online, and i need the .h files unistd.h and sys/types.h, which i know linux has, but i need them for windows vis...

Post Posted: February 8th, 2005, 2:33 pm

do you remember the game One Must Fall 2097? or the game Battletech Inception, The Crescent hawks revenge, so on? i want to make those type of games

Post Posted: January 17th, 2005, 12:53 pm

Can somebody tell me a good plce to get a tutorial on VGA in C? i dont know anything about the dos or bios function calls or interrupts. i want to start from the beginning. Thanks

Post Posted: November 22nd, 2004, 7:57 pm

hey, i own a domain name known as, and i have a server known as and, and i would like to know how to make my server into a nameserver with Bind, but i dont know anything about Bind. Can somebody either please tell me how to make a nameserv...

Post Posted: November 13th, 2004, 6:29 pm

Hey, id like to make my own nameserver, but i dont know how to go about doing so. lol i will have the money for a book when tax returns come, but until then i would like to get as much info on this as possible. does anybody know any good sources for info on DNS and Bind?

Post Posted: November 9th, 2004, 7:16 pm

does anybody know where i can get sources for Sockets in C online?

Post Posted: November 9th, 2004, 7:14 pm

anybody know of any sources, online or bookwise(preferably onilne) that i can find on sockets in C?

Post Posted: October 30th, 2004, 11:41 am

Does anybody know where i can get kbhit.h for linux, with getch() in it?

Post Posted: October 9th, 2004, 12:55 pm

But if you are a beginner, it is good to see how to do it manually rather then just using a built in function, especially something as easy as this. i agree with that, i prefer to make the functions i need before i use the included ones(within reason of course, i dont know how to manipulate streams...

Post Posted: October 6th, 2004, 12:05 pm

hey, this is kind of a programming related question, but the people in programming told me to come here it is

does anybody know of a .h file on linux that has the getche function? even the name of the file at least, and i can find it for myself... thanks

Post Posted: October 6th, 2004, 10:36 am

Hey, i need a function like getche, and now i need it for linux... does anybody know of a .h file or anything that i can use for this function? and what would the function be called on linux? thanks.

Post Posted: October 5th, 2004, 8:54 am

Hey, im reading a book on TCP/IP sockets in C and i think i understand what a protocol is but can soembody give me some detail on exactly how it works and what it does? its a tough book and i want to understand every single thing about what it talks about before i move on. thanks

Post Posted: September 12th, 2004, 2:21 pm

im pretty good with C. I just learned how to do disk files, and ive been learning how to do lists but they might take me a little bit. Anyways, i was just wondering what classes were for and what the differences between C and C++ are. What are they?

Post Posted: November 17th, 2003, 8:32 am

youre saying youre using C right? ive never seen input and output used in that language...maybe youre thinking of C++.....try putting puts or gets instead of input or output....or printf and scanf. that should work.

Post Posted: November 15th, 2003, 8:16 pm

i play with flash a little bit, and that site would be EXTREMELY hard to make. i must say that only a true flash pro could make something as high quality as that. VERY nice website.

Post Posted: November 15th, 2003, 8:10 pm

no idea about mysql, but from what ive heard, CGI Perl is the way to go. i suggest picking up the books CGI 101, CGI 201, Sam's Learn Perl in 24 hours, and Perl and CGI for the world wide web, by elizabeth castro. those are some VERY helpful books. start out on CGI 101 and move to CGI 201, then go t...

Post Posted: November 15th, 2003, 7:57 pm

ya, cause if you really wana learn this kind of stuff hardcore like i did then it would help to go to view/source and check out their code and erase everything in there that you dont thats the long way of doing it but whatever its the easiest way :wink:

Post Posted: November 15th, 2003, 7:55 pm

i remember my first didnt really have any pictures on it, it just had huge words that said DRAGONBALL Z then it had about a paragraph of my input on the show.....i had about 20 or so paragraphs =P but i kept progressing from there to get where i am today....which i must admit isnt far......

Post Posted: November 15th, 2003, 7:48 pm

CSS is good, and JavaScript is also very nice but i agree that it shouldnt be LEARNED i mean dont waste your money on a book to learn javascript.....its not that youll rarely use it, its just that its a VERY simple language to learn and there honestly isnt much you can do with it.....but the things ...

Post Posted: November 15th, 2003, 7:42 pm

ok it stopped but now its not starting back i have to stop something else before i can start httpd? btw, im running the gui right now.....

Post Posted: November 15th, 2003, 7:23 pm

this is what it said when i went to restart httpd... [code][root@babyhuey root]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd restart Stopping httpd: [FAILED] Starting httpd: (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address no list...

Post Posted: November 15th, 2003, 6:58 pm when you say uncomment that line, you mean take the # off the front of it right?

Post Posted: November 15th, 2003, 11:49 am

ok let me explain exactly how im goin about doing all it is. i wrote a small program and named it [code] #!usr/bin/perl print "Content-type:text/html\n\n"; print "<html><head><title>test page</title></head>\n"; print "&l...

Post Posted: November 14th, 2003, 7:28 pm

well i typed chmod 755 /home/blaine/cgi/perl/first.cgi and then moved it to cgi-bin.....should i have moved it to cgi-bin first? lol i probably sound like a total n00bert right now....well i am :wink:

Post Posted: November 14th, 2003, 6:52 pm

need help!!!.....when i make a Perl script, it works in the terminal, but when i code it as a cgi, save it as a .cgi, put it in cgi-bin and open it in mozilla it just doesnt shows the actual code. so i went to the books and looked up why and it didnt make any sense.....can somebody help pl...

Post Posted: October 22nd, 2003, 8:06 pm

ok, i cant start httpd cause its looking at the ip, and of course thats a loop in the network, but how do i change that in the httpd.conf? i dont wanna mess with anything without knowing what im doin =/

Post Posted: October 22nd, 2003, 10:36 am

USE SAMBA! Samba is Linux's version of network neighborhood, and you might need a book on linux to look it up. Linux is actually a very nice OS, and once you get used to it then youll be quite pleased with what it can do. anyways, look up SAMBA in a book or on the iternet, its in a different place f...

Post Posted: October 22nd, 2003, 10:27 am

i wanna do Perl CGI, but i cant cause instead of showing what it should show, its just showing the code i typed. its gettin on my nerves, and to make a long story short i need to enable CGIs in user directories. can somebody PLEASE help me? i would be quite grateful...thanks, late

Post Posted: October 11th, 2003, 7:16 pm

ok...hey, do you know any perl?

Post Posted: October 11th, 2003, 6:36 pm

ok thx

Post Posted: October 11th, 2003, 6:31 pm

hey i got a quick question... you know how people make it so you type something and hit submit and it puts it on another website? is that CGI, html or javascript? if its javascript or html can you send me the code, or show me how??? =( it would be much appreciated if i could get help with it, i real...

Post Posted: October 11th, 2003, 5:37 pm

thx...i have it so people can telnet in, but that would tuen people off so they wont wanna use my site. they dont wanna learn all those fancy commands....=P but see, my isp blocked my ports, so im gana fix that soon..... all i really need is something thatll save the html they type in to my server. ...

Post Posted: October 11th, 2003, 5:11 pm

well thats the thing, im the webhost. im starting a webhosting company per say, and i need the code so that people can type their code into the box and hit submit, and itll save it on their own folder, on my computer, so itll appear on my website as a i have as much bandwidth and space a...

Post Posted: October 11th, 2003, 4:17 pm

thanks.....another thing, is perl any different than C? aside from it being coded differently, as it is a different language...i mean, is the procedure to put it into cgi the same as C? i think i might have to buy a book on CGI.....but my mom wont give me the money for it, so maybe ill just hire som...

Post Posted: October 11th, 2003, 2:55 pm

hey, im new with CGI but i know C pretty well...i heard you can make a C program and put it on a website thru cgi, and i looked it up a little...but all i found was how to CHMOD and compile as a do i get it on the website...i know alot of HTML, but i need cgi =/ well thanks in advance of c...
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