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Post Posted: November 14th, 2003, 9:29 pm

do whatever you want with this post its not my board. I respect everyones views on business. If you do delete it would appreciate an explanation.

Post Posted: November 14th, 2003, 9:26 pm

im sorry this request didnt meet your requirements. If you lock this topic then i dont think its fare to me i didnt do anything wrong. I know you may not agree with what im asking for but more then a few bigshots in the industry thrive on help from others. Try every radio and tv station in the count...

Post Posted: November 14th, 2003, 9:18 pm

if your not interested please move on to a different forum im not out to argue. If your not into probono work then thats ok not everyone is into sharing resources.

Post Posted: November 14th, 2003, 9:04 pm

yes, if the website was generating capital i would be more then happy to share it with a flash designer. But at this time the site is in the production stages and is not a money maker.

Post Posted: November 14th, 2003, 8:59 pm

i have been doing flash for about 3 years now and i'm very good and i have no problem doing projects for cheap for my portfolio. I just dont have the time right now to do any flash work to my site thats why i need the extra help. I am not the only one that works like that. Try there who...

Post Posted: November 14th, 2003, 8:43 pm

Sorry but thats all i have to offer right now. I have seen people do stuff flash work for like 50 dollars or less. If someone is trying to build there portfolio then this would be a good thing for them I understand this offer doesnt appeal to everyone.

Post Posted: November 14th, 2003, 8:01 pm

My site is going along very well but the only thing it needs is some flash. If you are good at flash and need free advertising for 3 months let me know. My website gets over 900,000 page views a month and if you help me out i will give you a banner placement on the front page for 3 months. I also ne...

Post Posted: November 14th, 2003, 7:28 pm

i have a new idea and will be posting it shortly once the site is completed. I will keep everyone posted if i make millions or not. Does anyone here have any online success stories?

Post Posted: November 12th, 2003, 8:51 pm

I have been trying to make money online for years since 1997. So far in my journey i have seemed to srounge up 350 dollars in profits. Someone told me the only way to make money online is from porn. I started to dable in the webhosting world but quickly found out its over saturated. I was thinking a...

Post Posted: November 12th, 2003, 3:02 pm

your a programmer right?

Post Posted: November 12th, 2003, 2:34 pm

this is the script i had in mind ... erpro.html i was wondering is there any way you can make it so on the profiles the profile pics load at the top of the profile instead of the bottom?

the personals software i was looking at was the one for $40

Post Posted: November 12th, 2003, 2:08 pm

i already have a script in mind but i am not a programmer and i need it installed and also need very reliable hosting. If someone can find me a script and install it for me and provide hosting i would do it. To get the script on the server and configured with the payment processor im looking to spen...

Post Posted: November 12th, 2003, 11:40 am

yes a personals website.

Post Posted: November 6th, 2003, 5:44 pm

im looking for webhosting with somekind of program or script that will let me set up a dating website.

Post Posted: November 3rd, 2003, 8:27 pm

i need a script or something that will let my members create profiles and do detailed searches for people in there area.
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