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Post Posted: July 5th, 2007, 10:45 am

Is there any way to retrieve my Office product key from a crashed hard drive? The hard drive still spins, so I have access to most of the hard drive. Where would the key be located? We have misplaced our Dell disks that included the Office CD with the key.

Thanks in advance for all help.

Post Posted: July 21st, 2004, 6:27 pm

You can use a preconfigured setup such as Apache2triad. It automatically installs and configures Apache 2, php, mysql, a mailserver and ftp server. Excellent package.

Post Posted: July 15th, 2004, 3:35 pm

Thanks I will look into that.

Post Posted: July 7th, 2004, 8:46 pm

I have set up Apache2 to serve two seperate sites. This works well when using //localhost/ but how do you get there from outside? I am using a dlink DI-604 router. I can't figure out how to send to each site.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance...


Post Posted: June 15th, 2004, 10:37 am

Is there a big difference between Volume 1: Desktop Edition and Volume 2: Enterprise Edition? I ordered volume 2 and received volume 1. Would I be better off switching them out, other than the principle of getting what I ordered?



Post Posted: June 13th, 2004, 4:57 pm

Thanks very much.

I ordered the Access 2000 Developer's Handbook and borrowed the VBA in a nutshell book from the library until it comes in.


Post Posted: June 8th, 2004, 1:46 pm

Can anyone recommend any resources for learning to write queries and formulas in Access and Excel? These can be online as well as books.

Thanks in advance


Post Posted: April 13th, 2004, 6:39 am

Thanks. I'm still very new to Win2K/XP.

Post Posted: April 12th, 2004, 8:07 pm

I am running Windows XP home with two hard drives. Can I password protect a whole drive? Also could data such as images be password protected on a cd rom?

Thanks in advance


Post Posted: April 5th, 2004, 5:51 pm

Two more to try out I guess. Ever the glutton for punishment I am.

Post Posted: March 30th, 2004, 5:53 pm

I have been playing around with nuke, postnuke, xoops, and nucleus. I decided I won't have enough content to use the nuke, postnuke. Xoops has been extremly easy to customize. There are some nice themes, though a little tougher to track down than some of the more well known content managers. I would...

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 9:25 pm

Though most of this thread is now beyond me, I actually read the EULA for Adobe PS 7.0. It states that it can be installed on only 1 computer. You can also install on 1 portable computer providing the portable and desktop are not running at the same time. It can be installed on a server, provided on...

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 4:45 pm

The link is

Post Posted: March 21st, 2004, 9:50 pm

I copied/pasted this information from the PS 7 Readme file. I hope it answers your questions. Windows NT Adobe Photoshop 7.0 can be run under Windows NT® for Intel compatible systems only. It will not run under other types of Windows NT such as Windows NT for DEC Alpha or Windows NT for PowerPC®. Ad...

Post Posted: March 21st, 2004, 8:24 pm

Usually on this type of program, you have the right to install on only one machine.

Post Posted: March 21st, 2004, 8:14 pm

Would this gallery plug into XOOPS? For curiosity, what gallery do you use?

Post Posted: March 21st, 2004, 7:48 pm

Has anyone used Xoops content management? I have been looking it over. Just looking for more experienced viewpoint on it. Seems easy to use but not overwhelming like postnuke or phpnuke.

While I am asking, has anyone used nucleus?

Post Posted: March 21st, 2004, 7:45 pm

I added a google search to a my site and it required a key that is provided from google. It allows you to make 1000 searches per day. I used a module made for Xoops to do this.

Post Posted: March 21st, 2004, 7:28 pm

Is there a way to chmod a file without using an ftp program? What if you are running your own home server and have direct access to your files?

Post Posted: March 12th, 2004, 11:19 am

Anyone know of a problem with windows media player that makes it play faster than normal. Any streaming media, cd, or wave that is played through, or uses windows media player sounds as though the chipmunks are singing.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Post Posted: January 10th, 2004, 9:14 pm

I have a Compaq computer given to me. It stopped booting and I found a jumper in the bottom of the case. Is there any way to find mobo info and specs for an older system? I tried Compaq and didn't find any information.



Post Posted: January 10th, 2004, 2:56 pm

Thanks very much. Worked like a charm.


Post Posted: January 10th, 2004, 11:32 am

I have a problem. For some reason, XP won't let me save images in any format other than BMP. I have never had this problem before. It just started. Please help me out. I don't have a virus according to my last scan. Thanks in advance. SW //Great Question for our Windows Forum! :-) moving this messag...

Post Posted: December 29th, 2003, 9:19 pm

I have no idea how you keep track of all these resources. Seems my favorites are overflowing from all the links I have gotten from this forum.


Post Posted: December 29th, 2003, 8:58 pm

I want to create my own icon that appears next to the domain name in the address bar. Could anyone point me to a site with some info?

Thanks in advance.


Post Posted: December 14th, 2003, 9:12 pm

Looking for some expert advice. I am running a coppermine web gallery. I want to make a small popup window appear when they click the link to the web gallery. Would this be a Javascript? Thanks in advance.


Post Posted: December 5th, 2003, 7:25 pm

Can anyone recommend a chat program for a personal website? Along the format of yahoo chat or something, Though I just need 1 room.



Post Posted: December 3rd, 2003, 9:48 pm

I'm not defending the contract by any means, but if you are working for a web design company, and you are commercially designing on the side, you have created several issues. I will use a real life example from another industry. guy comes into retail store to have carpet installed. just one room now...

Post Posted: December 3rd, 2003, 9:28 pm

Can't say I'm happy with your news. Thanks much for clearing that up.

Post Posted: December 3rd, 2003, 9:08 pm

Im using domain forwarding to my home server. While im using masking, it only shows the original url. if i refresh a page, it takes me back to the index page. Is there a way to fix this problem? I am running win2k, with apache server. Someone said I needed a dns server. Do you agree/disagree? Any he...

Post Posted: December 3rd, 2003, 8:22 pm

An easy start would be Apache2triad. This is a preconfigured apache server that has php,sql,perl,python and many other extras. Not much configuring at all. Just drop in your files. Of course, you still need to buy a domain name and to configure your computer for a sticky ip address. Also check your ...
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