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Post Posted: April 1st, 2009, 7:05 pm

I have a sound loaded into a movie clip on the stage. I am trying to set it up where, say, if I press 'p' then the sound pauses. pressing it again resumes playback. Everything I have tried so far doesn't work. This is my current setup: movieclip is named 'song' on 'song' layer This is the code on th...

Post Posted: May 4th, 2008, 7:13 pm

I have an iPod and have all of my pictures and music on there. My computer crashed, so I got a new laptop. How do I transfer the files from my iPod to the computer? I don't care so much about the music, but I really don't want to lose the pictures. Help?

Post Posted: April 5th, 2008, 9:43 pm

I checked earlier today. I need the superkit piece for the Wookiee Cat.

Post Posted: March 31st, 2008, 9:16 pm

The last piece I need is from Episode III. It's the stage behind door #4. I'm not sure which piece that is.

Post Posted: March 27th, 2008, 10:45 pm

I know this may be a rather odd question but I have Lego Star Wars 1 for the Gamecube. I am 99.9% of the way to unlocking the bonus room. The last task I have to complete is get the superkit piece in the Defense of Kashyyk stage. I have invincibility, and with that I was able to get only 94% on the ...

Post Posted: November 9th, 2007, 5:15 pm

I was watching a video feed and for some reason, along the top of the video there are a series of green hued bars. The rest of the video appears almost in greyscale. This only happens on a certain website I frequent. Is this a limitation of my graphics card, or could it be something with the format ...

Post Posted: October 11th, 2007, 10:42 am

I have this annoying item in my windows media player library. Somehow it got this unknown artist/unknown album object and I simply cannot get rid of it! I even went so far as to uninstall/reinstall the player from scratch. No luck. Has anyone else experienced this glitch? What can be done about it?

Post Posted: August 26th, 2007, 6:58 pm

I have a gmail account, and set up outlook 2003 to retrieve the messages from gmail. The problem is when it retrieves the messages it puts the sent messages into the outlook inbox. How do i fix it so it puts the sent messages into the same?

Post Posted: March 3rd, 2007, 10:11 am

I should have set a restore point. Darn the luck!
Thanks for your help though. I'll give your tip a try.

Post Posted: March 1st, 2007, 9:05 am

I tried that code, and it didn't work... This is what my registry looked like after I adjusted the values: [code] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\open] BrowserFlags = dword:0x00000010 (16) ExplorerFlags = dword:0x00000012 (18) [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\open\...

Post Posted: February 26th, 2007, 3:47 pm

Thanks! I'll give it a try!

Post Posted: February 19th, 2007, 3:49 pm

I recently went through and changed the default icons for most of the file types recognized on the file types tab. 1) the default drive icon didn't stick. I tried the registry way but that didn't work either. and I did back up the registry first. 2) since then, even though I have set folders to open...

Post Posted: February 19th, 2007, 3:45 pm

To answer your question, the filepaths for the images are in the database.
I was able to figure that out ...
My problem now is that the search feature doesn't work.
I also am having trouble running two queries within the same script.
Is this a config setting within Apache?

Post Posted: February 8th, 2007, 10:32 am

In the purchase.php page, could I use the $_GET object to retrieve the other values from the record designated by 'filmid' ... ?

Am I understanding this right? Thanks again!

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2007, 3:19 pm

I need help with a PHP mysql project for class. I have to set up an online store that is database driven. I chose a movie theater site where you can sell tickets. 1) I have set up the database and appropriate tables. What I had in mind was when the index page loaded, you would see the posters of the...

Post Posted: March 30th, 2006, 8:31 am

I have a question about a personal SMTP server. I guess this would apply to any application... Does the application still run in the background when the computer is hibernating? My gut answer is no, but I want to be sure. Can someone set me straight on this? Thanks!

Post Posted: September 29th, 2005, 7:09 am

Hey I am using norton antivirus 2005. I noticed that when I started Outlook up, I would get this alert box from NAV that it does not support repair, and suggests that I uninstall and reinstall it. I have never seen that alert box before. Any ideas on what could be causing it? Is it a critical error,...

Post Posted: September 25th, 2005, 11:48 am

Hey I got it working, thank you for your tips! I think I can work out the rest from here.


Post Posted: September 24th, 2005, 8:27 pm

You know, I didn't even think to test the link. Sorry about that.
I uploaded it again and checked the following link. It should work this time.

Post Posted: September 23rd, 2005, 7:57 pm

I changed the .value to .text and still got a NaN. I moved the variables inside the function, but that doesn't seem to help. Here is the download link for the .fla


Thanks again for your help.

Post Posted: September 22nd, 2005, 1:48 pm

OK sorry about the misunderstanding....

thetotal is a dynamic text box.
I am trying to get 'thetotal' to display the subtotal [in US currency format, if possible]

Post Posted: September 21st, 2005, 12:26 pm

I do not have a deadline, actually they found a better alternative so I am now doing this to learn actionscript. I thought using parseInt() would make it easier to perform the math calculation. I see by your reaction it isn't. And I need to take the _root. part out. now that the as is on the main ti...

Post Posted: September 18th, 2005, 8:37 pm

Are you talking about the appearance of the Design view within DW, or the browser preview?

Post Posted: September 18th, 2005, 5:59 pm

I am guessing you have tried shutting the windows messenger off before trying to sign in with the msn.
There is a vb script out there that will permanently disable windows messenger. I used it on my computer and it works like a charm. Just google 'disable windows messenger'.

Post Posted: September 18th, 2005, 5:54 pm

Here is the revised code ... it is all in the main timeline. I found that putting it there made it easier for me to manage. [code]stop(); //numadult, numelder & numchild are numeric steppers--> _global.adultfee; _global.adultnum = parseInt(numadult.value); _global&...

Post Posted: September 16th, 2005, 9:26 pm

I noticed towards the top ...
You have both windows messenger and msn messenger running.
What do u have by Logitech?

Post Posted: September 16th, 2005, 9:23 pm

I have never been to virginia, but I know of a few civil war battleground sites, if you are into that sort of thing.
As far as amusement parks go, Busch Gardens is there [Williamsburg I think]

Post Posted: September 16th, 2005, 9:20 pm

Thanks for your help, I am a lot closer to figuring out the problem i had. Now, instead of level0.subtotal or something it just says NaN. But at least it's working, somewhat. I think it's just an issue with parseInt() or parseFloat().

Post Posted: September 15th, 2005, 12:47 pm

Hey thanks for the explanation there. I understand the _global. concept. I apologize if I got on your nerves.

Post Posted: September 13th, 2005, 4:00 pm

I understand that variables declared within the movie clip are mutually exclusive.

Is it safe to say that variables declared on the main timeline are global variables?

I am still have a time with this. I have been looking around for articles about this but haven't found any helpful ones.

Post Posted: September 13th, 2005, 10:14 am


Thanks for the help. I apologize for not specifying amtime and pmtime.
They are both radio buttons.
I have a new question also: If i declare variables on the frame level, do objects within the frame have access to them?

Post Posted: September 12th, 2005, 4:01 pm

Hello, Im a rookie when it comes to actionscripting. I have to develop some kind of an order form for my work. Anyway, I have a numeric stepper and a dynamic text field. What I want to happen is everytime you step up or down on the numeric stepper, it calculates the subtotal and shows that in the dy...

Post Posted: August 27th, 2005, 6:03 am

I don't think overflow:auto can be applied to ANY element, only those that contained primarily text, thus eliminating the need for an iframe. as far as tables are concerned, I have tried applying that rule to the actual cell itself, but to no avail. the basic table is generally static and would not ...

Post Posted: August 24th, 2005, 10:13 pm

<OBJECT ID="mediaPlayer" CLASSID="CLSID:22d6f312-b0f6-11d0-94ab-0080c74c7e95" CODEBASE=" controls/mplayer/en/,1,52,701" STANDBY="Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components..." TYPE="application/x-oleobject"> <PARAM NAME="file...

Post Posted: August 24th, 2005, 10:06 pm

What I do is put the text in a div within the desired cell. In the style sheet i use the overflow:auto rule.

Post Posted: August 24th, 2005, 10:04 pm

Try this page:

Good luck with that

Post Posted: August 24th, 2005, 9:33 pm


I would suggest fireworks, in combination with the hebrew and arabic fonts. do a google search for them ... they are out there.

Post Posted: August 23rd, 2005, 10:58 am

I think I know what you are getting at, but I need more information. This is what I understand so far. You have a table, and in the table there is an <a><img /></a> line of code. What do you mean by the image changes color? Is the image in the background? If it is not in the backgr...

Post Posted: August 23rd, 2005, 10:36 am

Hey, One of the first things I would do to this site would be to run a spell check on some of the text. The other thing I caught was the pink bar. I don't know if you made it that color specifically to attract attention, but it doesn't fit with the color scheme. You already have a login/password thi...

Post Posted: August 23rd, 2005, 10:31 am

Hello! It sounds like you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed. What you are describing sounds like the information bar, which is the seminal grievance of many who have installed the service pack. Check start > control panel > Add or remove programs and see if you have that installed The b...

Post Posted: August 23rd, 2005, 6:58 am

Hello, I recently began coming up with designs for t-shirts. All of them were designed on my computer. So on the majority of the designs I used a character or two from some of the fonts on the machine. My questions are: if I were to actually go through and sell these shirts, what is the general rule...

Post Posted: July 29th, 2005, 8:39 am

I have a suggestion. A while ago, the Hotmail servers were set up to block Outlook from accessing the servers with the intent of sending messages out. Apparently some people were abusing outlooks capability for sending out spam and other crap. I think sending out messages via this format is still po...

Post Posted: July 29th, 2005, 8:30 am

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have completely redesigned it, and in my opinion it looks a lot better than it did in its early stages. I would appreciate feedback of any kind. Thanks for all of your help. The link is below my signature.

Post Posted: April 29th, 2005, 7:36 am

Hello, I was trying to figure out how to use two xml documents within the same xsl file. I even tried combining the two into the same file and then doing using different 'xsl:for-each select' statements but that didn't work. I googled this but I can't make heads or tails of what they are telling me....

Post Posted: April 28th, 2005, 9:48 pm

Hey, I am trying out xlinks. I can get the links to show up, but the links doesn't go to another page -- only the current page. Here is what is in the xsl document: [code]<xsl:for-each select="ahead/item"> <a><xsl:attribute name="href"> <xsl:value...

Post Posted: March 2nd, 2005, 6:24 pm

how would i go about referencing the attribute when I set the default sort?

Post Posted: March 1st, 2005, 10:51 am

here is some sample xml that i am working with. <listing> <person><name>John Doe</name><dept>Financial Aid</dept></person> <name>John Doe</name><dept>Administration</dept></person> <name>John Doe</name><dept>Se...

Post Posted: February 28th, 2005, 5:38 pm

Hey there,

I am still somewhat new at the xml thing. I was wondering if there was a way to filter the data by a particular category:

Here's an example of what I am looking for:

<xsl:sort select="department[value]"/>

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Post Posted: February 1st, 2005, 11:17 am

which host are you using? are you allowed database access. you might want to store that information into a secure database (someone could modify the data if it is in a text file), then using a wizard or something to set up a search component.

Post Posted: February 1st, 2005, 10:46 am

one option that u could try...
if you have flash, the actionscript can pass values to the php code, and you could program the actionscript to just refresh the swf.

there are probably other ways though.

Post Posted: January 31st, 2005, 9:30 pm

Post Posted: January 31st, 2005, 9:25 pm

if u have the cd, back up any information stored in outlook (contacts, calendar, etc.)

reinstall outlook, get all your preference set up

then use the save my settings wizard. the next time that happens open up the settings file to restore the working configuration.

Post Posted: January 31st, 2005, 9:22 pm

so you want to extract data from two or more sources?

Post Posted: January 31st, 2005, 9:18 pm

maybe the hd is too big

Post Posted: January 31st, 2005, 9:16 pm

i don't know much about as, but how about using an absolute reference or something?

Post Posted: January 31st, 2005, 9:10 pm

Ok try this. Figure out what the problem is, you can set break points in the compiler to figure out where the bad code is. Start with that.

Post Posted: January 31st, 2005, 9:01 pm

what language are you using?

Post Posted: January 31st, 2005, 8:58 pm

let's see the script.

Post Posted: January 31st, 2005, 8:56 pm

I guess that would depend on what is in the review, and if you find the input useful or not.

Post Posted: January 31st, 2005, 8:55 pm

from what i can tell, you have a 3 cell table. if the middle column is extra long, the other cells are going to reflect that. I think that is what you were concerned with.
If you don't want the two cells on the side to go on forever, replace the table with 3 divs.

Post Posted: January 30th, 2005, 5:55 pm

Ok bro, You had the potential for having a decent layout, but I saw a few problems (I am viewing your site with firefox): 1) the grey text on the blue background is rather hard on the eyes. 2) you have subheader title text the same color as the background (I only found it by highlighting all the tex...

Post Posted: January 30th, 2005, 5:28 pm

Let me see if I can get this straight .... You want to upload files to your server through a web page, and allow visitors to use that same page to access the word documents. If this is case then I have a few comments that might help you. 1) You should be able to upload files to your server through y...

Post Posted: January 28th, 2005, 9:33 am

I am in NC.

Post Posted: January 27th, 2005, 10:36 pm

I have another question ... I apologize but I am somewhat new at this.

Ok on the state tax form, what is included in total state taxes paid?

:: from the pay stub
:: any receipts I have

are there any other possible sources? Am I on the right track?

Post Posted: January 23rd, 2005, 5:27 pm

Use document.getelementbyid when you only want to access one element on the page. this element could be in an array, or not. document.all is used when you want to access all the elements in a section of the page. I haven't really used those two lines of code, so I could be wrong. But that's how I se...

Post Posted: January 22nd, 2005, 9:26 pm

its like a news blogger site, and i give my opinion on each story that i post. Well, if you looking just to host a site the cost should be balanced to the purpose of the site. thanks. whats the url for your hosting company? i would like to look at it, If it's personal and not adult in nature. Then a...

Post Posted: January 22nd, 2005, 8:00 pm

you are a lifesaver! thanx a bunch.

Post Posted: January 22nd, 2005, 6:32 pm

Hey i am filing my own taxes this time around ... i have a question about a mortgage deduction. I don't quite understand what information I am supposed to enter into that section. Is it asking for just the interest I paid in 2004, or like the total amount of mortgage I paid ... or something else ent...

Post Posted: January 22nd, 2005, 6:12 pm

Hey I am thinking of upgrading my web site and I am kind of overwhelmed with how many different hosts there are. i am overwhelmed with the issue of deciding which one to go with. are there any recommendations from the council? i don't have that much extra cash to dish out, so a reasonable price is g...

Post Posted: January 22nd, 2005, 8:46 am

which browser are you using? If i were in this situation, I would just stick with plan ol' css. some browsers support javascript better than others do.

Post Posted: January 18th, 2005, 6:57 am

i am glad there are people out there who can critique a site without using a diatribe. thanks for your help.

i do plan to upgrade sometime soon, the geocities thing is just a beta test, just to see how well it does.
i am glad you find the content informative. rock on bro.

Post Posted: January 17th, 2005, 6:27 am

i apologize for the spamming.

i changed the layout a little bit. the therefore symbol is gone. i think the text is easier to read.

the point of the site is basically a quick news fix.

Post Posted: January 15th, 2005, 8:38 pm

A Silence Lost

Spread the word.

Post Posted: January 13th, 2005, 8:59 am

I was researching the different flavors of the utf encoding (for my pages) and I came across this page: If I understood this right, little-endian encoding (UTF-32LE) is a better choice with regard to memory usage. Am I right or wrong? I...

Post Posted: January 12th, 2005, 7:37 pm

Thank you for the compliment. All of my sermons and comments on the news are my own opinions. Please tell all your friends about my site.
At this point I am more focused on the content of the site than the design factor.

Post Posted: January 12th, 2005, 6:15 pm

I am not trying to copy ozzu. Ok so the colors are similar. But that is where the similarities end. Also I have no intention of turning my site into a forum.

Update: I changed the URL to something that is a little easier to remember. Thanks to everyone who gave their input.

A Silence Lost

Post Posted: January 12th, 2005, 11:46 am

Hey i changed the color scheme, please leave some feedback. Thank you so much.

Post Posted: January 12th, 2005, 8:22 am

i was looking into the <form action="mailto:" trick, and there was a site, I can't remember what the url is now, but there was a discussion about the problems that appear when using this method to send email. I might be wrong, but it is my understanding that it only works if the user has a mail c...

Post Posted: January 12th, 2005, 6:41 am

I agree with both of you that the site won't work as an attention grabber for teens. I suggested it could instead be a quick fix for news. In regards to your commenting that I am presenting the stores unfairly, I am just offering my opinion after the point of the story. I do know how to make forms, ...

Post Posted: January 11th, 2005, 10:29 pm

I see where you are coming from. I guess my goal, however noble it is, is quite difficult for me, especially since I attend college at the moment. I guess I could just limit this to target people who want to get the news highlights without scanning the cluttered news web sites. That sounds like a ea...

Post Posted: January 11th, 2005, 10:25 pm

Hey thanks for the constructive criticism there. I will remove the no right click script, seeing as it only serves to annoy some users. I am currently making the links a bit less vague. Thanks so much for the tips.

Post Posted: January 11th, 2005, 10:42 am

Thanks for the input there. I have given this some thought, and it is my intention for this to be a sort of news blog site, directed towards younger americans, particularly teenagers. im sure you will agree with me on this, but they spend entirely too much time worrying about who they are going to h...

Post Posted: January 11th, 2005, 6:23 am

Please review this site, Thanx.

This Trembling Silence

Post Posted: January 11th, 2005, 6:21 am

i think the x's in the background should go. a short explanation of what sigs are would be helpful. I am not familiar with that term.
Maybe replacing the swfs with images would help? i don't see much use for those at the moment. are they just there for looks, or am i missing something?

Post Posted: January 11th, 2005, 6:16 am

I am going to have to add on to what buzzbuzz was saying. This is just an idea, but it will hopefully point you in the right direction. you could split up the menu into two columns, one on either side, that way the menu wouldnt be as long as it is now. the middle column for the content, you can easi...

Post Posted: January 11th, 2005, 6:10 am

I like the color scheme you have going. It reminds me of a windows media player skin, but its very easy on the eyes. If i may make a suggestion, i noticed your logo was all text. people might notice your site a little better if you had an attention grabbing logo. it doesnt have to be as detailed as ...

Post Posted: January 11th, 2005, 6:05 am

update #2: sycofi5h: I fixed the scrollbar thing. It has a cleaner look now, so thanks. to all: I think I finally got rid of the empty characters, and it looks decent in both FF and IE. I have no idea why the page is taking a long time to load for some, there are no required images or plugins, and i...

Post Posted: January 11th, 2005, 5:24 am

sumen: I apologize if the disabled right click gets on your nerves. I am just trying to protect my code in the best way I know how to. There are no iframes on the page. It is basically a 2 cell table with some divs. You mentioned the site loads slow. I cleared my cache and history, and the site load...

Post Posted: January 10th, 2005, 12:00 pm


I changed the character set from utf-8 to utf-32. Please let me know if this causes any problems.
Thank you again for your feedback.

Post Posted: January 10th, 2005, 10:42 am

Thank you for all of your feedback. To answer the gripe, I defined nexus as a a group that is connected to each other some how. And who do you mean by EVERYBODY using the word nexus?? the only other category of web sites I can think of who would have a reason to use this word are dictionary and thes...

Post Posted: January 9th, 2005, 8:06 pm

Hey everyone, I recently redesigned my web site. What I did this time around was to completely eliminate the use of images. Instead I am using Unicode to supply the special characters. I can view the special text just find, but one of my friends could not. I need some more feedback, and a reason why...

Post Posted: December 29th, 2004, 8:55 am

try using some rules to set the spacing of the text itself

Post Posted: December 29th, 2004, 8:25 am

so u want to make the box remain the same size? am i understanding right?

Post Posted: December 29th, 2004, 8:20 am

if only firefox was open source, then it would be the perfect browser.

Post Posted: December 21st, 2004, 10:57 am

which browser are you using? also keep in mind that some of the image tags point to a file that may not be there now.

Post Posted: December 21st, 2004, 10:56 am

what effect do u want to give the links? i didnt quite catch that.

Post Posted: December 21st, 2004, 10:54 am

there are other browsers available for windows ... for instance, im using firefox and loving it.

Post Posted: December 21st, 2004, 10:52 am

in the css use this snippet:

Code: [ Select ]
a:link {text-decoration: underline}

Post Posted: December 21st, 2004, 10:48 am

if you have a smaller amount of images to thumbnail, you could provide a separate function for each image ... but you are probably looking for a way to call one function, just change the values passed to it. am i right?

Post Posted: December 21st, 2004, 10:43 am

where did you get that code snippet from? it looks like there is more code involved

Post Posted: December 21st, 2004, 10:39 am

what format is the movie clip?

Post Posted: December 21st, 2004, 10:38 am

how well do you know phpnuke?

Post Posted: December 21st, 2004, 10:35 am

which version of winamp do you have? free or pro?

Post Posted: November 13th, 2004, 8:27 am

I found something about an XML DOM parser... This is probably on the right track?

Post Posted: November 12th, 2004, 9:56 pm

I wasnt able to find anything. are there any sites i should look at?

Post Posted: November 11th, 2004, 9:02 pm

I am familiar with the <xsl:sort> tag.
i know some javascript but i am not familiar with how it can tinker with xsl. i'll google this and let u know if i find anything. thanx.

Post Posted: November 11th, 2004, 8:13 am

Here is the full xml document: [code] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="cdcatalog.xsl"?><catalog> <cd><artist>Face to Face</artist><title>Face to Face</title&g...

Post Posted: November 10th, 2004, 4:57 pm

I was able to get the xsl stylesheet going. Thanks for the help. I ran into another problem though. I have a table and I would like to be able to sort by the column headers, like you click a column header and it sorts by that column. I have googled this a few times and even looked on the w3c site bu...

Post Posted: November 2nd, 2004, 10:59 pm

Thanks for the help... So for each html tag i want to use in the page i have to set it up in the CSS as such...?

tagname {display:block}

Is that right?

Post Posted: November 2nd, 2004, 10:55 am

Hey, I just started learning how to code in XML so please bear with me. I am able to get the content to display right, but I am now having a problem... how can i include xhtml code with the xml? I want to include like the <br /> tag and the <hr /> tag for example. Here is my code: [code]...

Post Posted: October 25th, 2004, 1:57 pm

do you want to make the list as a part of the background? or do you want it to appear above everything else?

Post Posted: October 25th, 2004, 1:51 pm

What about computers do you feel comfortable with?

Post Posted: October 8th, 2004, 9:18 am

you'll have to scroll down a bit to get to the div im talking about. it is under the bold text [code]<body><div><br /><table><tr><td class="top" colspan="2"> <a href="" onmouseover="wind...

Post Posted: October 8th, 2004, 8:42 am

Ok this is what i am understanding:

to determine what part of the page should be printed, you have to set what parts of the page should not be printed?

the div i am concerned with is in a td cell. would it help if i showed how the table was set up?

Post Posted: October 8th, 2004, 6:16 am

Hey digitalMedia, The other time I just skimmed through it. I read it this time and I think i get what you are saying now. on the page you referred me to there is this example: [code] @media print { body { font-size: 10pt } } @media screen { body { font-size: 13...

Post Posted: October 7th, 2004, 11:28 pm

The content in the div is hardcoded into the page. Also, I see where the @media thing can be appropriate, but I dont think it is necessary in this scenario. the div is the default black text on a white background.

Thank you for your help.[/i]

Post Posted: October 7th, 2004, 10:21 am

Out of curiousity, why do you need all three on the same machine?

Post Posted: October 7th, 2004, 10:16 am

This is another issue I am facing at the moment. I am developing a site for a class project with a scrollable div on each page. On one of the pages the stuff in the content div ( <div id="content"> ) is extra long. I was wondering if there was a way to print just the div. This is an offshoot o...

Post Posted: September 27th, 2004, 6:28 pm

Hey, I was wondering if there was a way to set the default font in Quattro Pro. I know this can be done in Excel. Thanks for any tips.


Post Posted: August 16th, 2004, 8:29 am

I have just started to learn php and i was wondering if i could test php code within coldfusion?
I realize this may be a dumb question, but i'm a newbie at this. Thanks.


Post Posted: August 12th, 2004, 7:47 am

Hey. I am having a little trouble with emailing a form with actionscript. I am aiming for something similar to the form used on shockwave chess, except I just want to send the information from three dynamic text boxes. the code works, but now how i want it to. instead of emailing the form, it opens ...

Post Posted: August 4th, 2004, 5:41 am

if you could explain what the problem is i could be of more help. one thing i have noticed right off the bat is that you are using css, then in the body section you are using the <font face=""> method. you can set that in the css.

Post Posted: June 16th, 2004, 8:52 pm

No luck with that. I think it may have something to do with the fact that it is filtered. i may be wrong though.

Post Posted: June 16th, 2004, 8:47 pm

Hey Jaik,

This might fix your problem, but try getting rid of the id attribute. there is no id named but, only a class named but1, which is already set. I'll try your code and see what else i can cook up.

Post Posted: April 25th, 2004, 1:54 pm

could it be because you are using frames?

Post Posted: April 16th, 2004, 7:20 pm

It didn't like your test for zero length string. And what is up with your cylinder surface area equation.......

I tried using the Len() function and it still didnt work. as for the equation it is supposed to be set up that way. are there any more ideas i could try?

Post Posted: April 16th, 2004, 6:48 am

I'll pm you and we can exchange the emails.

Post Posted: April 15th, 2004, 7:48 am

I wrote a program in visual basic 6 a while back, and I have everything working properly except for one thing: I can't get if statements to work in a procedure. In the functions they work fine. Note: One, Two, Three, Four, and Answer are text boxes. Here is the relevant code: [code] Option Explicit ...

Post Posted: March 25th, 2004, 7:54 am

I probably do know asp, but i guess i havent really used it, which is why i left it off the list. but if you are right, then i guess i know asp as well. thanks for pointing that out.

Post Posted: March 24th, 2004, 8:57 pm

the flaming eye of microsoft has not yet turned upon google, the last free search engine in the west.

let's keep it that way.

Post Posted: March 24th, 2004, 7:20 pm

how could u even mention that - i'll have nightmares man.

Post Posted: March 23rd, 2004, 7:54 am

I was just wondering, about how long ago did you first hear about google?
i think my first time was around 1996- 97, but im definitely sure it was before 2000.

Post Posted: March 23rd, 2004, 7:47 am

it would be interesting to have a puzz 3d of that

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 9:33 pm

what are you planning to do with it once you decipher it? answer that, and i think i can help you.

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 9:30 pm

Heres another alternative using javascript, maybe: <textarea name="sometext" cols="50" rows="5"> <input type="button" value="Print" onclick="javascript:print(sometext.value)"> that code will probably return an error, but you can see what i am getting at. it would then print the enti...

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 9:18 pm

i suppose you could use what i call absolute addressing, for example:

<img src="" ... >

that usually works for me.

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 9:12 pm

There is another alternative to this, its chopping the image up into squares and using css-p to reassemble them ... but i don't know if that is what you are looking for. here's an example of what i am talking about, although in IE the text shows up last still, but it's worth a look i think. http://m...

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 8:38 pm

so & are responsible for how much of that? <jokingly>

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 8:36 pm

that reminds me of a research paper i had to do. I chose to write it on what happens behind the scenes when you use windows update. how it used to be was it scanned your system and filtered out the updates that didn't apply to you and sent the rest. Nowadays, it has the m.o. to see what kind of hard...

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 8:30 pm

it's 1984(the book) all over again...

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 8:28 pm

yep... he is in pain, alright; i think i see a tear on the camera lens.

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 8:27 pm

i think they changed the look because using the old architecture would lead to the chance of their making the same mistakes again ... also there is the psychological impact it would have on people to consider. that's just my opinion.

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 8:13 pm

what do you need it for? i'm just curious ... are you trying to take over the world?

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 8:07 pm

i can't reverse engineer it, as that would be illegal and very time consuming, but i can tell you it looks like an implementation of php.

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 8:04 pm

which text box are you trying to show the result in?

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 8:00 pm

try ---> it is very informative; if you want others, google it or something.

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 7:58 pm

look at this page ... i hope it answers your question.

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 7:54 pm

How about making another movie clip with the animation in reverse? then you could load that...? Are you trying to make the same movie clip play backwards?

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 7:47 pm

I really appreciate your helping me with this. I'll remember it. :D

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 4:01 pm

I tried the code and it works, but i don't think checking the onblur method is the best way to do this ... sorry for asking so much, but im not a pro at javascript - there is a lot i have to learn still. is there a way to check all four using < form onsubmit=...?

thanks so much for the help.

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 1:23 pm

thanks for that tip. that works with the first text box in the form. the validation comes into play when the box loses focus. but it doesnt work with the other elements. all of the functions are in the same external script file. should they be within separate script tags? the code is below ... and i...

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 8:10 am

in the image tag you can set the width and height (hint, hint)...

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 8:08 am

Javascript - some
VB 6
Perl (i'm learning it now)

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2004, 8:06 am

I wrote a Javascript that is supposed to validate a form. But when I run it I get an error: 'window.document.Form.Name' is null or not an object. Here are the relevant parts of my code: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [code] var N = window.document...

Post Posted: March 20th, 2004, 5:31 pm

The best way to find a word tutorial is to google it man.

- The Maven

Post Posted: March 10th, 2004, 8:53 pm

I have some javascript code that can do that.

Code: [ Select ]
<a href="blahblah.html" onclick="if(this.blur)this.blur()"></a>

thats should work dude.

- The Maven

Post Posted: March 2nd, 2004, 8:45 am

hey never mind, i fixed it

Post Posted: March 2nd, 2004, 8:44 am

thanks! that works when the page first loads, but then when i click on a link, the scrollbars for the loaded page switch to the default colors. any ideas?

Post Posted: March 2nd, 2004, 8:36 am

[code]<style type="text/css"> body {background-color:#000000; z-index:0} #scrollbar {scrollbar-face-color: 666666; scrollbar-arrow-color: 000000; scrollbar-track-color: 000000; scrollbar-shadow-color: 444444; scrollbar-highlight-color: 99999...

Post Posted: March 2nd, 2004, 8:19 am

it does work with an iframe, but i was having trouble changing the scrollbar color

Post Posted: March 2nd, 2004, 8:10 am

I have a div layer, and i would like to be able to load pages into it. I know it can be done, but I need some help on where to start. Thanks! The Maven My code: [code]<html><head> <style type="text/css"> body { background-color:#000000; z-index:0} table ...

Post Posted: March 2nd, 2004, 8:02 am

try using CSS ...

<body style="text-align: center; vertical-align: center">

Post Posted: February 10th, 2004, 8:30 am

I meant the address bar, and I realized my error after posting the last message. Apologies,

-The Maven

nevermind, I found it.

Post Posted: February 10th, 2004, 7:05 am

Hey, I have seen this on many web sites. Before the title there is a customized image/icon replacing the default e. I was wondering how I could do that for my site. Is it html or some other language? I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

- The Maven

Post Posted: February 10th, 2004, 6:48 am

What OS are you using?
About not being able to use IE, I think it is possible you have a virus - there are many of them out there.

- The Maven

Post Posted: February 10th, 2004, 6:39 am

1) get into the control panel [start button > settings > control panel]
2) open up Users

That should get u on your way, remember that every user should log themselves off when done.

- The Maven

Post Posted: February 10th, 2004, 6:36 am

Honestly, I would be using NN right now, except for the fact that I don't like how it displays some pages I visit frequently.

- The Maven

Post Posted: February 5th, 2004, 6:55 am


I'm glad i could help with that. Happy file sharing!

- The Maven

Post Posted: February 4th, 2004, 11:08 pm

i guess you could try this ... If you have a button in the flash movie, use this actionscript in the code window (make sure the button is selected): on (release) { getURL ("filelocationofAVI.avi"); } I hope that answered your question. I'm a beginner at actionscript, but I think that will work. - Th...

Post Posted: February 4th, 2004, 10:49 pm

Hey, this is an opinion... I don't like using the Onclick method, because when i test it, it works the first time, and won't work again until i reload the page. A way around this is to place the url call into a function. example: [code] <script language="javascript" type="text/java...

Post Posted: February 4th, 2004, 10:43 pm


I don't know much about Linux, but I'm gonna guess anyway. What method does Linux use to format hard disks. Xp uses NTFS, does Linux use that method as well? if not, that could be a reason.

- The Maven

Post Posted: February 4th, 2004, 10:29 pm

Let's see if i have this straight. you have a different 'page' on its own scene. I am assuming that each 'page' only takes up one frame. If this is the case, wouldn't it be easier to have all the pages on one scene (the same scene that the preloader is on)? that just might eliminate the need for com...

Post Posted: February 4th, 2004, 10:25 pm

Granted, PHP is a powerful language, but it's not for everyone. Knight, what is it exactly you would like to do? some languages are more appropriate than others depending on the task. for example, PHP is used for retrieving data from a database, whereas Javascript is good for creating/destroying web...

Post Posted: February 4th, 2004, 7:38 pm

Hey, before i can give you an answer, it would be helpful if you explained which type of programming you want to delve into. you mentioned visual basic. if that is your spec - i - a - lity, a very basic tutorial can be found at: However, googling it (a google search) will ve...

Post Posted: February 4th, 2004, 7:34 pm

Hey how much money you get is based on how many people actually click on the links. i think the common consensus is that people hate banner ads and as a result they rarely click on them. also, depending on the ad, it could 'make your site look ugly'. If you ask me, i wouldn't go that route. but it's...

Post Posted: February 3rd, 2004, 6:11 am

I just wanted to add to the comments. This is why it is a good idea to frequently (depending on how important your personal files are) set up system restore points.

Post Posted: February 3rd, 2004, 6:07 am

I am aware that File > Import is not included on the menu. By importing I mean copy/pasting the image into paint.

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 8:56 pm

I went through all of these to make sure that no one else had posted it. i don't know if it works with other versions of Windows. 1) start > shut down 2) select shut down from the menu 3) hold the shift key when pressing OK the operating system will restart WITHOUT restarting the computer. there ...

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 8:07 pm

It's alright, now that i think about it, it probably wasnt the best choice of color. No hard feelings. :)

- The Maven

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 7:58 pm

Thanks digitalMedia,

the @import url method worked for me. I really appreciate that.

- The Maven

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 7:46 pm

I know this is sort of late, but I don't think Flash MX completely got rid of the beginner's mode. Maybe i have this confused for something else, but along the top of the actions window are some little icons. clicking on the plus sign brings up a hierarchal organization of the actionscript keywords ...

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 7:36 pm

there are probably other ways to do it, but I would import the image into paint or some other image editor and adjust the size there. try that until the image doesnt stretch.

- The Maven

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 7:33 pm

I dont have that much experience with a forum before, but i was browsing through the members (to see where i ranked) and i noticed there were 19 or twenty pages worth of members who have NEVER posted anything. again, i don't have much experience with forums, but i can see how this would slow it down...

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 7:12 pm

I apologize for trying to be an individual. I'll use this color from now on, ok?

- The Maven

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 6:52 pm

Try googling it. that's how i found it. and thanks for bringing it up. i didn't even know it existed until you did.

-The Maven

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 6:49 pm


I don't know what kind of a virus it is, but i would recommend making a backup of your important files onto a cd or something, and then reinstalling the operating system. that should work if the virus doesnt reside in the memory.

- The Maven

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 6:34 pm

Thanks for the help there. I hope this color is more legible ... I didn't realize that there was a Number() command in AS. As you may have realized, i recently started trying to program with flash.

-The Maven

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 6:08 pm

Thanks, I'll have to try that. :D
- The Maven

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 6:06 pm

I mentioned the service packs because i have heard several stories of the installation of a service pack causing something (a device, etc.,) to not function properly. I guess the possibility exists that that could be an issue.

-The Maven

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 5:44 pm

I had the same problem with that. Surprisingly, the codecs you need arent even offered by Microsoft. Check out this site and download the codec pack.

I hope this helps.

-The Maven

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 5:34 pm

The closest thing i can think of is using the Alt +Tab combo. However, why a person would need that many windows open at one time is a mystery to me.
-The Maven

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 5:29 pm

Out of curiosity, how was ie 6 installed? is it the version that came with windows, or from online? also, have you installed any service packs?

- The Maven

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 5:07 pm

Hey, I'm trying to convert my site to xhtml and I have everything working fine ... except for the stylesheet. I'm rather confused. Help? Here are the first three lines of code (in case it has something to do with it: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"> <html xml...

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 4:15 pm

Thanks, i see what you are saying ... would this work then?

on (release) {
var number;
number = 1;
if (number = 0) {
number = 1;
} else {;

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 7:46 am

Hey, I'm trying to make a pause/play button. I have a movie clip named 'loader'. here is the script i am trying - it's attached to the button. on (release) { var number; number = 0; if (number = 0) { loader.stop(); number = 1; } else {; number=0; } } I checked the script for errors, a...

Post Posted: February 2nd, 2004, 7:39 am


I'm Chris and im an intermediate web programmer in some areas, and a novice in other areas, including action script. I hope to be around for a while. Later.

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