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Post Posted: July 30th, 2003, 9:45 am

Hi All, Just letting you all know if anyone may be interested we are currently looking for people to fill our banner Space on website the space costs £5 a month and would be payable by cheque in return you get that months Banner advertising plus full statistics for that mon...

Post Posted: July 30th, 2003, 9:29 am

Many thanks for the feedback regarding my website its always good to find out what people think and i find it very helpfull and also promising when people say they like it :-) in regard to some of the questions listed above : Q, is this an affiliate store A, No we stock all of our own products in ou...

Post Posted: June 22nd, 2003, 11:33 am

Hi i think you have done extramly well for your age the site is very easy to use and works well the only thing i could suggest is at this is a fan site possibly a few more pics ??

Post Posted: June 22nd, 2003, 11:18 am

Good website it took a very long time to load on my machine approx 4-5mins you could look at reducing any images or getting a faster server ??

Post Posted: June 19th, 2003, 9:13 am

Hi thanks No its not a template we had the site done by a company called mediaflex its a custom made shopping cart based on the idea of os commerce when you say more "stuff" how do you mean more products ??

thanks for your reply


Post Posted: June 19th, 2003, 7:01 am

Hi i am trying to get some feedback on my website I dont suppose anyone would like to review my site and help me out :-)

Many thanks

Post Posted: June 19th, 2003, 6:57 am

Hi i think its an excellent site extreamly well designed but lacks product quantity i actually own a gadget site in the uk we stock over 500 products my address is if you are interested in purchaseing any products off our website i will cut you a good deal to help you out l...

Post Posted: June 19th, 2003, 6:52 am

I quite like the site although i dont know weather its my connection but i do have quite a bit of trouble getting onto this site with regards to the ammount of time it takes to load i would look into this in more detail as you could be loosing hits to this

Post Posted: June 19th, 2003, 6:51 am

I quite like the site its clean and very informative its also quite easy to navigate around you possibly could do with some more pics to make it more interesting
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