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Post Posted: April 27th, 2009, 2:22 pm

you're um.. like four years and three months late man..

Post Posted: November 1st, 2005, 7:56 am

Like it has been said previously, expand into a full service site with tutorials and such. Still center the site around the forum though.

Post Posted: March 3rd, 2005, 2:36 pm

if you look at who's coming forth though, the big evidence is a woman and this boy who have already gone after multiple other stars and large companies. They're in it for the money, not the justice. Michael Jackson in my opinion has not committed any crime other than being a very strange man.

Post Posted: March 3rd, 2005, 2:34 pm

yeah, I don't really have a nice gun though. I have a Spyder Xtra. What I'm really into is airsoft.

Post Posted: February 28th, 2005, 2:26 pm

About the use of language: Don't try to sound "professional" if it's not your style. If you want an informal look, feel and sound, then go for it. If you're working on a personal site just to put up what you want to, then I agree but, if you're trying to make a website that has to do with website d...

Post Posted: February 27th, 2005, 8:05 pm

umm yeah, right handed but that has nothing to do with where the mouse is on the screen. You'll probably want to move these things to the left as your site is very strange to look at. You have to realize that people read from left to right.. so this isn't working that well. Coming up with something ...

Post Posted: February 27th, 2005, 8:03 pm

it would not work very well for that site to use a percentage as a width due to their Images at the top with the links and background. I've never actually seen anything that create done with animated gifs before, so kudos for that. I enjoyed my visit to your site a fair amount however, if you want t...

Post Posted: February 27th, 2005, 5:23 pm

What I would do to get the original file size down would be supply thumbnails for the artwork, then, if you click on the thumbnail, load the full version.

Post Posted: February 27th, 2005, 2:42 pm

I like ... 191137.jpg :)

Post Posted: February 26th, 2005, 11:55 pm

yeah, that's sort of what it looked like, which is weird because it doesn't really fit the domain at all.. And, I would have thought someone would have sold this domain rather than just letting it expire.

Post Posted: February 26th, 2005, 11:50 pm

Bigwebmaster wrote:
We may be making it so the general forum and test forum do not count toward the post count at all in the future here.

We have been discussing this much lately so please bare with us.

I support that idea.

Post Posted: February 26th, 2005, 7:46 pm

sorry, I did not originally see VB in the title.. I would have stood by my recommendation of double. I have programmed in VB as well.

Post Posted: February 26th, 2005, 6:51 pm

floating point variables allow for around larger numbers depending on what you're working with, double might be what your looking for.. as might unsigned long.. they go pretty high but have no potential for negative numbers.

Post Posted: February 24th, 2005, 10:28 pm

I don't even know what you could have taken off of that site but, howcome you're getting the way you are with ATNO?

anyways, that is one cool link.

Post Posted: February 24th, 2005, 10:22 pm

you and lou dobbs should start a club.

If the gov. started to regulate who could and couldn't have jobs, overseas or not, do you really think that would help? I personally think that a vast majority of the citizens of the US would be in an outrage.

Post Posted: February 24th, 2005, 10:11 am

agent_paupau wrote:
better shift to corehackers..tnx....

so, you're threatening to leave us or something? What will be the big loss if all you're looking for is homework help and you haven't positively contributed in any way?

Post Posted: February 23rd, 2005, 8:10 pm

Spedness.. I can't get the array to work out right.. what's wron with me? lol, I'm not usually this slow, then again, I am really sick. anyone have an idea?

I have the results of the var_dump live at

Post Posted: February 23rd, 2005, 7:05 pm

there is a difference between a pet and wild rabbit. Also, I agree, way too many dumb people on the internet. What a scumbag that made this site though, that's all I have to say. It's all very wrong.

Post Posted: February 23rd, 2005, 3:21 pm

that's pretty cool.. so, you can use getCpuUsage() at the bottom there as an array rather than dumping all the variables..?

Post Posted: February 23rd, 2005, 3:17 pm

Lord Kai wrote:

Then there's even toby on cutting board. This guy is my type of person...

You sir, are a sick person.

Post Posted: February 23rd, 2005, 3:15 pm

A lot of us (including myself) say this because, when you ask us to review your site, 90% of the time, the code is a complete disaster. That makes it extremely hard to tell if everything is right. Sure, a website may work, but that doesn't mean it's coded correctly. Things like this cause lack of br...

Post Posted: February 22nd, 2005, 8:43 pm

is there any way to make a php script to show the CPU usage on a server such as at but without any custom software installed... is there a way? One system I want to do it on is RedHat enterprise linux and the other is a windows 2003 box.. The linux box is running cPanel and windows is running...

Post Posted: February 22nd, 2005, 8:30 pm

smooth out the text [in the logo] a touch.. it's very jagged.

Post Posted: February 22nd, 2005, 4:36 pm

Foxy wrote:
it says on front page already 15k donated recieved.. wow..

I'm not sure I believe it but, i wouldn't doubt it. Things like this make me really upset.

Post Posted: February 22nd, 2005, 2:45 pm

Very Clever design with the header.

Post Posted: February 22nd, 2005, 2:40 pm

I like it. My only suggestion that I can think of at the moment is that possibly the font you've used for your logo and several other things isn't very professional. However, the site is put together quite well and everything seems to match (to me at least.) In my opinion, there's too much blank spa...

Post Posted: February 22nd, 2005, 2:21 pm

I haven't sent this link to anyone. And, I think it's a horrible scam that a bunch of idiots will pay money to.

Post Posted: February 22nd, 2005, 2:15 pm is what I use for free stock images.

Post Posted: February 21st, 2005, 10:40 pm

I'd try to reach a little settlement out of court assuming that you don't care about the domain.. make a little money off of it.

Post Posted: February 21st, 2005, 10:29 pm

that's not funny at all to be honest and I would like to beat some sense into anyone who donated.
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