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Post Posted: August 11th, 2014, 2:26 pm

Not sure if I am understanding correctly, but you are using parseInt which will take whatever number/string you have and just return the integer portion which means if a number is 4.322, then parseInt is just going to return 4. That would explain why everything would be ending in .00 as there are n...

Post Posted: March 10th, 2014, 2:23 am

Wish I could, it would make it a lot easier. The pages at the url require user/pass to access, and letting anyone see them would violate an NDA at this stage in the project. I figured it wouldn't be enough information to solve it with, but it was worth a shot. I'm trying random troubleshooting by pr...

Post Posted: March 6th, 2014, 7:34 am

My website is setup in php on a linux server. I'm trying to figure out why all the images on the website show up fine on all desktop browsers, but not on mobile phones. This has been tested on a couple of different phones and the problem is identical on more than one phone. So it's not a phone setti...

Post Posted: February 15th, 2014, 10:49 pm

I can't stand any of them. They take away too much control and freedom. You should just learn to code.

Post Posted: January 29th, 2014, 3:14 am

I think I found it actually. You just have to replace & with AND haha.

DELETE WHERE user_name = 'bobby' AND file_name = 'test'

Post Posted: January 29th, 2014, 3:08 am

Sounds like you just need to hire a programmer. Would be more than the $1000 to start, but the ongoing expense would be much cheaper. Just paying the price of a server, no other eCommerce site charges or anything.

Post Posted: January 29th, 2014, 3:02 am

I need to DELETE WHERE two columns have a certain value (Not a matching value).
Example db:
user_name = bobby,
file_name = test

DELETE WHERE user_name = 'bobby' & file_name = 'test'

Delete a row where two columns have the value I check for, how do I accomplish this?

Post Posted: October 15th, 2013, 3:05 am

It should work for what I know. You'll have to post the code for anyone to figure out the problem.

Post Posted: October 15th, 2013, 3:04 am

Sorry I haven't responded Scott, I tried out your code, it's not EXACTLY what I need, but it's definitely enough to follow as a guideline for creating what I need. It helps a lot, thanks.

Post Posted: October 8th, 2013, 12:21 pm

I thought about that, but I was worried about cross-browser or platform showing a part of the scroll bar. You think it can be done to be invisible in all browsers and computers? Maybe if I just overkill the overflow? Let me know what you think on that. To make sure I understood what you were saying,...

Post Posted: October 7th, 2013, 4:42 pm

Yeah I figured it would take some JavaScript. It's really hard to explain. I'm going to try to find a better way. Maybe I can ask how to do some parts of it, because I got an idea of how I would do it. Is there a way to make a scrollbar not visible just automatically active once that div reaches the...

Post Posted: October 4th, 2013, 12:47 am

I'm not sure I can explain this right: Say there is a web page with a header and a footer. With a main div between those with the main content. The background of the body is an image. I need the main div to glide over the background image rather than scroll with it. Then once you scroll to the botto...

Post Posted: October 3rd, 2013, 11:20 am

Ha, yeah a book would be helpful, but also any links people can think of. As far as this post goes, pretty much what I'm looking for are random tips like the one you just provided, which is helpful. Tips like yours aims me in the right direction of a more targeted research.

Post Posted: October 1st, 2013, 7:49 pm

This is going to be a pretty broad question, expecting broad answers. I basically just want some obvious do's and dont's with PHP security. On the more specific side, dealing with: sessions;get/post;sql;file uploads;chats; Just basic stuff anyone has picked up along the way. I know people on this si...

Post Posted: September 16th, 2013, 8:00 pm

Thanks Bogey. Finally understand this hahaha, from your short tutorial, after trying to find a way to understand this from the php manual (and elsewhere) for a while, your tutorial cleared everything up. Most sources just explain it horribly. Leaving important things out.

Post Posted: September 9th, 2013, 6:48 pm

The screenshot was too large a file for me to upload, but this is a diagram: =========================   LOGO HERE   ================================ The left set of equals is one div. The logo here is a div. And the right set of equals is a div. The 3 divs collect...

Post Posted: September 8th, 2013, 5:55 am

On the head of my webpage. There is one div which is 100% of the wrapper width. Then 3 float left divs inside of the head div. The center one holds an image, and is always the same size. The ones on the right and left of the center are set to percentage width. The three divs together span the entire...

Post Posted: September 3rd, 2013, 7:30 pm

I'm referring to php mainly, but I know this applies in other languages as well: Is there a difference between using logical operators and bitwise operators? It seems like using bitwise would always be the most efficient, since it is processed much quicker. example in quest: [php] a = 5; b = 10; if ...

Post Posted: August 23rd, 2013, 5:00 pm

Sometimes while going through the php manual, an introduction to a new subject will start with something like- (This one is on the floating point numbers page) Formally: [php] LNUM [0-9]+ DNUM ([0-9]*[\.]{LNUM}) | ({LNUM}[\.][0-9]*) EXPONENT_DNUM [...

Post Posted: August 12th, 2013, 11:31 am

Anyone suggest any useful SEO tools/programs? Also have any top SEO tips? Studying it, but there is all kinds of crap out there regarding a plethora of SEO tools, so I'd rather ask some programmers I already trust. The only thing I use as of now, which I find helpful is Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

Post Posted: July 28th, 2013, 6:54 pm

It runs jQuery/JavaScript animations really smoothly and well (the big thing I like about it), like way better than firefox or chrome. However, I've still found a few problems with it. It has a lot less crossbrowser CSS issues than the previous versions. One I found was the hover effect in CSS. Just...

Post Posted: July 26th, 2013, 5:12 pm

I like the idea of putting all user images in one folder, then using mySQL to recall the correct image name. I'll probably just write a little script in php to attach an incrementing number at the end of each image file, so they will never overwrite or have conflicting filenames. I like to use outsi...

Post Posted: July 26th, 2013, 3:14 am

Using PHP still. For now. If a user uploads a profile image, that will be attached to their forum posts etc, where is the best place to store this profile image? Is it best to create a new folder for EVERY user that stores their images etc? I kind of felt creating a new folder for every user is a li...

Post Posted: July 18th, 2013, 5:17 pm

Through all of my training, JavaScript has been my all-time favorite language. I didn't know if it could handle the back-end or not. Are there any kind of installations I would need to make it run on the back-end (The only thing I've heard of before is Node.js)? Can it take care of databases, file h...

Post Posted: July 18th, 2013, 6:26 am

What do you use instead of PHP or for backend?

Post Posted: July 16th, 2013, 12:06 am

Thanks very much. I'll research this and study how to prevent it.

Post Posted: July 15th, 2013, 2:50 pm

Whenever I have a form that inputs to a php page. I've noticed that it is possible to put code into inputs and if the syntax is correct the php page will run it properly from the input. Is there any way to prevent this? Or anything I should be doing? IS it a security risk? I know that an infinite lo...

Post Posted: June 29th, 2013, 5:49 pm

Does anybody know a way to change the size of a background IMAGE in jQuery? I know I can just make an image larger, but background-image seems to be a little bit trickier. If I can't find a way I'll just go about this a different way, using an actual image, but based on the situation it's kind of im...

Post Posted: June 17th, 2013, 7:10 pm

When Steve Jobs was in college, he sat in on a few calligraphy courses not really knowing why, it just interested him. There was really no market for the skill directly, but he did end up using things he learned in that class to develop some of today's computer fonts. My point is, if something inte...

Post Posted: June 16th, 2013, 6:54 pm

Ha. By "not helpful", I meant that what I was saying had nothing to do with your question (sorry about the confusion; it had nothing to do with the site's functionality or informational merit). It was just a compliment on the template. I could tell that it wasn't finished but I liked the t...

Post Posted: June 15th, 2013, 8:41 pm

I use Dreamweaver when editing files on my site, because it makes it a lot easier to edit and update the files. It helps some, with indexing and closing tags, but it's also a pain sometimes. Definitely more pros than cons.

Post Posted: June 15th, 2013, 12:45 pm

It may not be really helpful, but the site looks really cool.

Post Posted: June 11th, 2013, 10:26 pm

I actually mean XML + the related languages. You're correct XML itself was a very quick language (or just making tags with data a skill learned in the third grade) to learn, but it takes a little bit of time to learn some of the DOM functionality, compatibility, XSLT, etc (to actually make good use ...

Post Posted: June 8th, 2013, 7:08 am

Is there any point to learning XML, if I'm already getting good with php/sql? I'm also getting great with JavaScript (and jQuery), so should I just learn JSON and leave XML alone? I don't know enough about the benefits or functionality of each language to figure this out. Is there any reason I shoul...

Post Posted: June 3rd, 2013, 4:49 pm

It is my library. I linked to the google jQuery library and it worked in IE10. Thanks.

Post Posted: June 3rd, 2013, 2:22 pm

I'm pretty sure I have the latest version of jQuery since I just downloaded it a few days ago. But I'll test it out by using the google link jQuery and a couple of different things, or maybe try to find a plugin to find out for sure if it's jQuery or IE10. Thanks Scott. Also, I'll check into that li...

Post Posted: June 3rd, 2013, 1:01 pm

I noticed that about 75% of my questions or IE compatibility related. Is there anything I need to do to make jQuery functions work in IE10? I'm talking like very very simple things like even hide(), show() won't work in IE10. Absolutely nothing. If the function is supposed to fire on a click() event...

Post Posted: May 31st, 2013, 4:50 am

In IE9 (compatibility mode on IE10) it does work in simplistic form. And it didn't work in my code on compatibility mode, so I'll start debugging for that. But in IE8 (on IE tester), it doesn't work at all. Edit: And the alerts that let people know that required fields were missing from the form did...

Post Posted: May 30th, 2013, 12:27 pm

Thanks for the help. Yeah I felt the same way about using jQuery as well. I like my own creations. But it doesn't oversimplify things as in a CMS. To me it's just like using a complete other coding language now. And yeah, it's really great. I'm going to delve into it pretty deep.

Post Posted: May 29th, 2013, 11:19 pm

For some reason alert(' '); isn't working in IE8. Is it supposed to work?

I would like to have a compatibility warning popup for IE8 and lower users.

Post Posted: May 29th, 2013, 10:46 pm

Ahh this was another reason I had the javascript:void on there. I have other buttons on my form. If I don't use the void, the buttons automatically become form submissions. Is there anyway to stop that? btw. Doing the onSubmit like that worked to validate the form. This was kind of an aspect of...

Post Posted: May 29th, 2013, 10:39 pm

Will that onSubmit keep it from automatically opening the php page, when a button is pressed? Because I didn't know of that attribute in the form tag, but everything else I tried didn't work. I'll try it out.

Post Posted: May 28th, 2013, 9:09 pm

So I could run a JavaScript funtion when the submit button is pushed to test some conditions before the submission is allowed. If the conditions are met, then the JavaScript code implements the form action. I'm not sure if this matters, but if I run compatibility mode on IE10, which basically runs i...

Post Posted: May 27th, 2013, 1:31 pm

I had it that way at first, but there was an issue with the javascript:void(0) and it wouldn't run the page. So setting it up on a separate form action, so I could leave the other browsers to run it the way I wanted to, just happened to give me the means to create a different .php page to test ...

Post Posted: May 27th, 2013, 1:21 pm

Knew I could count on you, ScottG. var_dump($_POST) returns this: array(0){}. Notice there is a special form action within an [if IE] condition. I did try this without this condition, setting it up solely for the IE form.php and it still did not fix this problem, so it is something else. I will go a...

Post Posted: May 25th, 2013, 4:25 pm

Any idea why this script wouldn't work in IE8? It actually builds the table format properly and emails it correctly, but none of the posted items show up. Wherever I have a post variable, the outcome is just blank. Is it even worth it, making everything compatible for early IE? It's been driving me ...

Post Posted: May 22nd, 2013, 2:34 am

Yeah, JavaScript library, just with a different syntax. I need to go ahead and learn the syntax, I wasn't sure how in depth or how long it would take to learn.

Post Posted: May 22nd, 2013, 12:25 am

Couldn't because I need to have which ever radio is selected to load into a php string, and I didn't know how to get one of the grouped radios when all of them had the same name. So I just went with what I knew, and whenever any of them are clicked, they are all cleared onmousedown. And then in the ...

Post Posted: May 21st, 2013, 8:37 pm

Damn, I haven't started learning jquery yet, been too busy with other necessity languages I need to do the projects like php and SQL, while furthering other things I already know (html, css, javascript), I need to get around to it though, since it provides more options, and often when I need to look...

Post Posted: May 21st, 2013, 8:29 pm

It's radio boxes, but yes, same idea. It works in all other browsers, and the only way I've found to make it work in IE8 (& lower) is to set them individually rather than in a loop. The radio select is for a Private Investigation firm, specializing in sexual crimes, so disregard the element id's...

Post Posted: May 20th, 2013, 6:09 am

I don't know what people normally do to hide php submission pages.

Post Posted: May 20th, 2013, 6:08 am

Yeah, I knew that I just didn't know how to make it unnoticeable, but finally got it. I just made it open up in an off-screen window and close immediately, so that it's not even noticed. Except in IE10 because IE10 wants confirmation from the user, before a page is closed on its own.

Post Posted: May 19th, 2013, 5:41 am

Is there any specific reason this shouldn't work in IE8? Because it works in all other browsers. Says that the clear1 array is undefined, which it is.
JAVASCRIPT Code: [ Select ]
 for(z=0;z<=clear1&#46;length;z++) { clear1[z]&#46;checked = false; }
I've tried defining it both ways [javascri...

Post Posted: May 19th, 2013, 2:33 am

Awesome, that worked, thanks.


Post Posted: May 18th, 2013, 8:07 pm

I did that; it's making it open in a new tab. I need to see if there is a way to make it open in a new window rather than tab.

Post Posted: May 18th, 2013, 7:11 pm

Thanks guys. Yeah my sites always looks jacked up in IE9 or lower, until the end. I always make a less than IE9 .css file at the end to fix all the other stuff. And yeah I'm trying to figure out how to get the php page to not distract from the popup. Idk how yet, since it is a form, the php page has...

Post Posted: May 18th, 2013, 9:45 am

Can I make a php file for a form open in a new window instead of a tab? It's a form action php file; method post, etc. I couldn't really find any way to make it open in a new window rather than tab.

Post Posted: May 18th, 2013, 9:42 am

It has to be a little more elaborate than that. It's for a client and I have specific instructions as to what all it is supposed to contain (which the alert box lacks), but it actually worked out really well this way, because I had full control over its css and everything. I just wanted to make sure...

Post Posted: May 18th, 2013, 2:12 am

I was trying to make a "thank you" popup window with JavaScript that executes when a form submits to a php file. It was such a hassle and when I finally got it work, aspects of it still didn't work the way I wanted, and I realized I could just make a fixed position, invisible div that beco...

Post Posted: May 16th, 2013, 11:09 am

Ha awesome. Thanks for adding my suggestion. It's pretty interesting. I think the randomness is fairly legit. I got up to 17 times in a row. Which is about a 1 in 130k chance I think. I know it's just a time burner, but they are good exorcise and it's cool. Good job. Edit: And working out the math i...

Post Posted: May 16th, 2013, 6:19 am

Maybe add a script that would let us know if one side comes up more than 10+ times in a row. Or show the results of the most times in a row that each side produced (sorry about the wording there). Then you're making your decision based on something other than just a 50/50 outcome (well technically i...

Post Posted: May 14th, 2013, 8:35 am

I'm using Ubuntu Desktop with Apache and Mysql installed. I will try that. I'm still getting the hang of Ubuntu. It's so awesome, but there's a ton to learn.

Post Posted: May 13th, 2013, 11:25 pm

I'm able to change the php files in a text editor, but I think sometimes it will be better access to do it in ubuntu terminal. So I'm using nano index.php to alter the file, but when I try to save it, I get a message saying [ Error writing index.php: Permission denied ]. Anyone know how to fix this?...

Post Posted: May 11th, 2013, 2:58 am

I'm trying to discern what the role of "->" is in this code. My indecisive interpretation is that "->" pushes the variable "$a", which holds the parameter of the of the Exception into the "getMessage()" parameter. The tutorial doesn't elaborate. Also, I'...

Post Posted: May 6th, 2013, 5:43 am

Are you not able to use arrays in python?

Post Posted: May 4th, 2013, 6:57 pm

Unfortunately, I have never coded in Python haha. There will be somebody on here that will know and answer your question soon though. They always do. Just make sure to give them as many specifics as you can think of.

Post Posted: May 4th, 2013, 6:45 pm

vadimak17 wrote:

Python 2.7.3


Oh, sorry lol. Saw that at the end of your msg now.

Post Posted: May 4th, 2013, 6:13 pm

Okay, now I have all of the errors fixed. All of the problems with it running in IE were not having "var" in front of certain variables. I didn't know that it was necessary in any browser.

Post Posted: May 4th, 2013, 5:55 pm

Are you trying to do this in PHP/SQL or in JavaScript? Would you have an updated SQL database that would keep track of your stock, and prices?

Post Posted: May 4th, 2013, 5:22 am

I was able to fix one JavaScript error that was occurring only in IE's earlier than 9. The browser, I think, was confusing variables with methods somehow, so a I just had to had "var" to a couple of my variables to fix it.

Post Posted: May 3rd, 2013, 11:28 pm

Before people start mindlessly chiming in with "LOLZ CUZ ITS IE", what exactly is going wrong? Saying "it doesn't work" doesn't provide a lot of context. Just got IE10 with my new laptop and it's incredible. I think it's better than FireFox and the others. It runs faster, and ha...

Post Posted: May 3rd, 2013, 10:05 pm

Yeah I figured that you would need more information, but I didn't want to post all that JS code, so I was just going to wait on your guys' responses and see what you needed. The function just doesn't work. There is a button that executes the functions on each calculator and they work perfectly in Fi...

Post Posted: May 2nd, 2013, 9:27 pm

I'm testing my cross-browser compatibility in IE8. It's a 3 part calculator and all of the functions work except for the third part. I don't want to post the code, because it's a lot, but I will if it's necessary. First I just wanted to find out what are some common reasons that a JS function will w...

Post Posted: April 29th, 2013, 8:30 pm

Nevermind: found the problem. Had an extra </div> tag, where I had to go through and make so many changes.

Post Posted: April 29th, 2013, 3:25 am

Can somebody explain what variable "x" is doing in the stepBall() function? And what timer2 is doing? [code] function moveDomObj(id, left) { var domObj = document.getElementById('moveLeft'); = "630px" = "540px" domO...

Post Posted: April 25th, 2013, 1:20 pm

Just removing the form tag made it work. I'm surprised I didn't notice that <form> within <form> when I was debugging. I set it once, then accidentally set it again, when I gave it an id. But no <form> at all fixed it. I didn't know that would cause the refresh Thank you very much.

Post Posted: April 24th, 2013, 10:31 pm

I'm running a JavaScript function with numbers submitted into 3 text fields to calculate the answer. The function is ran when the button is pressed after the three numbers are input. This is the function. The algorithm works correctly. The math, everything works out right. But, after it's done the p...

Post Posted: April 24th, 2013, 10:26 pm

Good point lol.

Post Posted: April 22nd, 2013, 11:37 pm

Okay I can at least get it to put information into tables, so I guess I'll come back to this issue if it ever becomes relevant for me. Thanks guys.

Post Posted: April 22nd, 2013, 11:27 pm

I'm actually using my hosting account site. But, I can't get it to create tables either. I need to be able to get stuff working, so I can learn how to do this php/sql stuff.

Post Posted: April 22nd, 2013, 11:14 pm

Yes. The example only uses the if statement to make sure it's working. My biggest problem is though, that it won't create this database, and I can't figure out why. I have no trouble getting it to connect to mySQL on my host, but I can't get it to do anything after that.

Post Posted: April 22nd, 2013, 10:33 pm

The tutorials don't explain quite enough. I'm able to connect to my hosting database, but I am unable to do the next couple of examples. The tutorials offer nothing for trouble shooting. [code]<?php $con=mysqli_connect("localhost","user_name","*************"); // Che...

Post Posted: April 17th, 2013, 4:40 am

I may not be researching in the right area. I just didn't get how these things work together. PHP, XAMPP and mySQL. But, I'm thinking if I find the right sources I should be able to figure it out. Most of the descriptions I found were pretty vague. Basically, just saying to use these things together...

Post Posted: April 16th, 2013, 2:08 pm

Yeah I'm through the tutorials of HTML and CSS, and getting towards the end of JavaScript, so I wanted to make sure I had what I needed ready. I just don't fully understand the server side stuff, but I'm going to check into it. But, I guess I am going to wait now, until I get finished with JavaScrip...

Post Posted: April 16th, 2013, 3:06 am

Yeah I downloaded xampp, but I still don't know what I'm supposed to do with it lol. I guess I mind need to try to find some tutorials for it. I'm just really confused when it comes to these programs with PHP and mySQL.

Post Posted: April 16th, 2013, 2:11 am

If I had been drinking milk, it would've shot out my nose.

Post Posted: April 15th, 2013, 9:35 pm

I'm trying to figure out how to get PHP working right on my computer. I was told to download PHP which turned out to be a crap load of files that I don't know what to do with, then I was told to download XAMPP to get those files to work or some crap, idk now I just have a bunch of crap that I don't ...

Post Posted: April 14th, 2013, 11:55 pm

Is it important to to put in the character set? If so is there any reason I shouldn't always use
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">

for all html documents?

Post Posted: April 11th, 2013, 11:01 pm

I'm going to study the examples you posted, and do a little bit of research on how you were putting the variables in the function() parenthesis, because I haven't been doing that yet.
like function(a,b).

So, before I trouble you further, I'm going to look into this stuff.

Post Posted: April 11th, 2013, 10:56 pm

I think in the page I was doing, they were global variables. Oh yeah, and I did realize that my comparison operator was written incorrectly, sorry about that. That was irrelevant to my actual page. I didn't make that same syntax error there, when I was having the trouble.

Post Posted: April 11th, 2013, 9:26 pm

I think that link answers my question, but I don't fully understand ALL of the syntax in your example yet, but I will. So, thanks for posting it. =) When I tried to do it the way I posted it, it wouldn't work, but it's also possible that I had some other syntax error in my site. If there IS some spe...

Post Posted: April 11th, 2013, 1:47 pm

Is it possible to run an "if/else" statement inside of an "if" parameter? If it is, I couldn't figure out the way. If that is impossible, is there a way to run a function() inside of another function or "if/else" statement? (random) example: [javascript] function myFunc...

Post Posted: April 11th, 2013, 1:11 pm

The arguments/variables are just random. But from the link, it looks like you just put the "or" arguments in parenthesis and the "and" argument outside of it. I'm surprised I didn't think to try that. Thanks very much. :) In case anyone else has this problem the solution is: if (...

Post Posted: April 11th, 2013, 4:00 am

How would I get an if statement to run an argument with "||" and "&&"? example: if (a<1 || b<1 || c<1 && x>1) I need to know how to make the function execute if one of three arguments are true, AND another argument is true. Is there any way to make tha...

Post Posted: April 8th, 2013, 6:08 pm

So, I should wait before using any programs. When you code professionally, does another person do front end design? Or do you design entire websites when on a project? It seems that php isn't compatible. It's why I couldn't use Wordpress. To design a full website, what languages should I know for de...

Post Posted: April 8th, 2013, 3:03 pm

Do you do it professionally? And always use Dreamweaver? Should I use something or just stick to notepad coding? Do most web-designers use a program?

Post Posted: April 8th, 2013, 2:09 pm

I mean that any embeded audio file I try to use will not play in firefox. If just on a plain html page or w/e, it just won't play. I tried <audio> and <embed> With .ogg .mp3 and .opus audio files and none would work. There seem to be a few complaints on firefox being unable to play audio...

Post Posted: April 8th, 2013, 3:09 am

I can't get Firefox to support an audio file. I've tried to code it a couple of different ways, but it always says missing plugins, and says no plugins are available to resolve the issue. Anyone know what to do about this?

Post Posted: April 7th, 2013, 7:48 pm

You can take our lives, but you can never take my private messages?

Post Posted: April 7th, 2013, 7:21 pm

Do any of you typically use programs when coding? I'm sure I should learn the code without any program, but should I eventually start using one? It seems like a lot of freelance jobs request work with Wordpress. Do any of you use this? What is wordpress exactly?

Post Posted: April 3rd, 2013, 10:55 am

Actual books, not ebooks. But most likely on Amazon or something, so I would need to know what to look for. But I guess I might go by the book store and see what they have. But still I would be indecisive about what to get.

Post Posted: April 1st, 2013, 9:31 pm

Anyone have any idea what books to search for to learn advanced html/web design techniques, rather than just learning all of the basic elements from the tutorials? Most of the ones I see when I search are like 1997-2004 publications, and those are probably outdated.

Post Posted: April 1st, 2013, 3:22 pm

Thank you. That did allow it to center, but it posed another problem. It caused the middle "home" icon and the float:right; "Right_Arrow" icon to drop down a line. Which is okay, because this was only for educational purposes and I just needed to know when certain elements center...

Post Posted: March 31st, 2013, 1:08 am

I'm thinking that when I finally get started, without any reputation or portfolio, I'd be making like 15-20$ per hour?

Post Posted: March 30th, 2013, 11:06 am

That's crazy lol. 100+ an hour. Pretty impressive.

Post Posted: March 30th, 2013, 1:47 am

Yes I understand completely. Every time I learn something new, I try to find elaborate ways to use it, rather than just the way the examples are presented. I give myself my own tests and projects to help me memorize everything I've learned, and to help me use my imagination to see what the things I'...

Post Posted: March 29th, 2013, 2:15 am

JavaScript looks exciting and intimidating. But, yes I have a decent understanding of html and css now. I'm not sure what else I need to learn about those two, but it seems like there should be more. I started learning this about 20 days ago. So, I assume there are things missing, but I've gone thro...

Post Posted: March 29th, 2013, 2:06 am

Okay. The css is a separate file, so I'll post it first, then I'll post one of the 8 files it is linked to. All 8 files have the same code with different picture links. This is the external .css file. (and by the way the page works the way I need it to, just using a margin-left:118px, instead of mar...

Post Posted: March 29th, 2013, 12:09 am

Should I learn CSS3 or should I just move on to Javascript? CSS3 seems time consuming and hardly none of it is supported in IE, so I wouldn't be able to use any of it professionally on general web pages anyway. I think I would prefer to come back to it after learning the more important things. Becau...

Post Posted: March 28th, 2013, 11:10 pm

When does margin:auto; work? And when does text-align:center work? Sometimes these seem to work and sometimes they don't, and I'm not sure why. Sometimes with pictures, sometimes div's different things, I can't find a causal link. My most recent code that it wouldn't work in, is 3 inline images in a...

Post Posted: March 26th, 2013, 12:12 am

Will it be useful to learn how to use <canvas>? I don't know if it's used often professionally since it's completely incompatible with IE.

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2013, 8:19 pm

I finally found the problem. It's because the div id'd "outline_border" has position:absolute;

Post Posted: March 22nd, 2013, 4:16 pm

I have no idea what to do here. I've tried various things. When the page is the correct size, then everything is perfect, exactly as I wanted this to be. I started this to practice my ability to position div's. I'm able to get everything where I want it, but once the page is resized, it all falls ap...

Post Posted: March 20th, 2013, 5:56 pm

Thanks man. Awesome how easy that worked lol. Just knowing the property. I've been compensating for it by using a margin-top lol to push it all the way down below the first div.

Post Posted: March 20th, 2013, 5:52 pm

That's awesome. You didn't criticize at all. You just politely informed me of my ignorance and provided a remedy. I really appreciate that.

Post Posted: March 19th, 2013, 11:25 pm

How exactly does float work? It seems like if I float a div within a div to the left, it will automatically float the div after it or the element after it to the left. If I want everything to float left or right then I have no trouble. Basically, how do I float say two elements to the left, then hav...

Post Posted: March 19th, 2013, 9:42 pm

You guys should tell everyone this, it's pretty helpful, and it's like the coolest thing ever. I had no idea. In MFF browser you can open up inspect element, and when you hover your cursor it shows what each element/property/attribute is. You can click on them and view the style of each element. The...

Post Posted: March 19th, 2013, 5:19 pm

So, I need to learn in this order. I know I need HTML, then CSS, then Javascript. Do I need php after that? There are also some others listed on w3schools. Jquery xml aspnet sql. Then there are more like: CSS3 HTML DOM AJAX JSON Google API ADO VBScript There are some more after that. Are all of thes...

Post Posted: March 19th, 2013, 2:40 am

Oh, and the biggest thing. Do you use an html editor. Html5 I guess it is, or do you just do raw coding without any assistance programs? I assume they make it quicker, but I'm reluctant to use one, especially while learning. But, do professionals use them?

Post Posted: March 19th, 2013, 2:02 am

Yeah I've been working on w3schools thanks to your recommendation 10 days ago. I took the quiz on html but it didn't cover much. I didn't see a test, I'll check around. I started CSS last night. I think it might be a little more complicated. I got 100% on the html quiz though. It really didn't cover...

Post Posted: March 18th, 2013, 11:04 pm

One more question: Are there any imperative things in html that I need to make sure I learn? I'm pretty sure I got everything in this tutorial, but I don't know if the tutorial covers all. Off the top of my head I've learned: Forms;Tables;Meta(titles/author/refresh/cookies/etc);basic tags;CSS inline...

Post Posted: March 18th, 2013, 7:00 pm

Many of the properties, tags, attributes or whatever aren't supported by internet explorer. Should I be using a different browser to be a serious web-designer? Any suggestions? I'm assuming people will say Mozilla, but I've always hated it. Seems pretty essential for CSS. If I'm using code that isn'...

Post Posted: March 13th, 2013, 12:26 am

Nevermind. I figured it out. example: <img src="picture1.jpg" width="400" height="350"> <img style="float:left" src="picture2.jpg" width="400" height="350"> "float:left" brings it in line. There are probably ...

Post Posted: March 12th, 2013, 8:15 pm

In html, how do you put images next to each other on the web page rather than stacked? Anytime you put an <img src> tag after another, they are stacked rather than side by side. I want to put 3 images in the same row.
Do any of you know if something like photoshop or idk what's out there would be helpful for detailed pictures for web pages. Is there a common program used to make pictures for web design? Or to detail pictures etc.
While researching, I've noticed there are various types of HTML. HTML HTML+ HTML HTML HTML XHTML HTML5 XHTML5 Is there a way to learn a certain one, or do I need to learn a certain one? Is it all just the same type of html language if I just learn html? I don't understand the differences between the...
Thanks a lot. The support, advice, and direction gives me confidence in this decision.
Thanks so much. One more thing you said to learn HTML and CSS. Is there a prefered order? I'm 90% sure I'm going with web design, because it seems like an easier market, so I started on HTML last night. Once I get good with it, should I learn CSS? Or will CSS be relevant throughout learning HTML? Wi...
Once I learn I'll invest in better equipment. But, I want to be at a sturdy point in the process before investing from my limited funds.
That's an incredible, concise response perfectly answering all of my questions. Thanks! :D Do you know of a link to access the tutorials for HTML and CSS? I think I'm leaning more towards design. Will it matter if I'm operating on an older version of windows. haha. My original co...
I've always been good at simple programming, but I've only done it as a hobby and it's been a long time. Recenly I've fallen in love with this woman and we plan to move in together. We both have crap jobs (she's actually my boss in fast food.) She has a kid and so do I. I want to try to break into f...
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