Breadcrumb glitch?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

OK, maybe it's just because I'm impatient...

Example that can be reproduced (FF 3.0.11) (applies to any forum) :

Let's say I am in General Forum. I have unread topics in both General and Introduce yourself.
I've perused the subjects in general and decide there's nothing there I want to read.
So I click Mark Forum Read.
Now, you get the redirect screen for a few seconds, but I'm impatient so instead of waiting for the redirect I click the General Forum Breadcrumb which should take me back to General so I can get to Introduce Yourself Subforum. But instead the General Forum Breadcrumb link on the redirect page takes me to the home page.

This happens in any forum or subforum after Mark All Read link is clicked. It is only on the redirect screen that I've seen this happen. And it's also fairly recent. Maybe just the last couple weeks. It used to work OK.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I have changed nothing in regards to that area so I am thinking the bug always existed. I will look into it.

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