A bug on this forum

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There might be a bug running aroung on this forum. Sometimes when I view a topic or thread, the content comes below the top right "Useful Resources" bar. I have to scroll down to see the topic.

BigWebMaster might want to get it fixed.
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What Browser ?
What Operating System ?
Is your window Maximized ?
Are you using Tabs ?
Is the Tab Maximized ?
Are you using any "user defined" stylesheets ?
Are you using any browser extensions that could be altering the layout of the page in certain circumstances ?
Does it happen to be certain threads that do it, maybe you're seeing it in new replies to the same threads ?

What it is jive turkey ?
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Excellent use of the phrase jive turkey.
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Hi Bogey,

As joebert has already asked, can you please give as much details about your operating system, what you are using, what pages it is doing this on, and if possible a screenshot of the problem.


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