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I was just sitting here with some spare time on my hands and came up with a new suggestion for ozzu. Ok i know nowadays copyrighting is becoming a real issue my suggestion is to add a warning when you make a display picture or avatar saying this material may be copyrighted and using it may be illegal. i thought of this so if the issue ever came up ozzu would be protected and the user would be to blame.
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See Forum Rules 1d.

If someone does post something that is copyrighted and the original author complains we would take action immediately and delete the offending material. Secondly the user posting that material would be warned or have their posting abilities revoked.

As far as your suggestion, I feel the would cause more of an annoyance than anything. The copyrights apply to more than pictures and avatars, it also applies to text as well. So if we were to implement your suggestion that warning would have to be shown before anybody on ozzu makes any posts and I think that would be highly redundant and only make it more time consuming to post.

That is why I feel it is simply sufficient being in our rules section which every member has agreed to follow when they signed up here.

Thanks for your suggestion, however :)

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