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Are there rules as to what people can put in the Custom Title?

I ask this because when this feature was introduced to those who reach 2500 posts of above, i assumed there might be a certain level of restriction as to what is typed as in for example people typing "Administrator" or "Moderator" or even "AOI: " etc etc.

I have no intention on changing mine to anything like that, i just wanted to know whether this was frowned upon?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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Yeah its basically just common sense stuff. Usually for members who have 2500 posts or above they are generally respectable members who know better. If it became a problem one day with people misusing that feature I would either have to write something in so members can't abuse it, or raise the limit to 10000 posts before members can use the feature ;)
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LOL! 10,000 posts! Man... only ATNO would be able to change it ;)
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Oh good lord no! I will never reach that at this rate.

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