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Hi m8s!

Just got a suggestion for you. I'm using http://www.phpportalen.net too, and I rly like their subject split.. so I thought that it could be something for Ozzu aswell...

The whole idea is to make it easier to find and stay on topic... for example; they got 1 part for php codes only, and another part where they talk about webbservers like apache, IIS, PWS etc... since php is so much, and servers are alot less (95% of the problems are in php and not the server), so easier for ppl to find their server issues and makes the php part more clean...

that was just an example and a suggestion, if you want to, reply me and tell me what you think, if you alrdy thought of it, if the idea suck ^^ or anything

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I think this idea has been looked into previously, not 100% though.

I know what you mean about splitting the topics seperately, but then you have loads of forums all over the place.

Ozzu is a very busy place, thats true, but if you look at the number of posts of certain subjects each day, there are not that many.

Splitting forums such as programming down into say, C/C++/C#, Java, SQL, PHP etc would make life easier to view threads, but a lack of posts might leave the split forums deserted.

That and the fact Ozzu covers such a wider varity of subjects, splitting them out would mean days worth of scrolling to find the bottom [ slight extreme I know ].

If Ozzu was just for coding, then I`m sure it wouldn't be a problem, but I think because Ozzu does have such a broad base of subjects, its not a viable solutions.

Thats just my opinion of course, BWM may think otherwise.

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