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I would have posted this in the Marketing Group, but there is not a category for the subject matter.

Basically OZZU has several categories in the Marketing Group for SE's and then one for marketing by paid advertising. Marketing is more than SE, and paid advertising. OZZU doesn't really have a spot for this unless I am missing something. I would love to see what others are doing in regards to snail mailing, newspaper ads, promotion stuff that they are doing to see what works.

Few category ideas:

Title: Marketing Off the Internet
Description: How do you tell others about your site offline? Mailers, license plate frames, flyers, what works best for you?

Title: Getting More Hits
Description: We all want more hits. How do you get them, and what works best for you? Are all hits equal?

Title: How Much Traffic (I think I have seen this question a few times on Ozzu)
Description: How much traffic do you get? How long did it take you? What did you do to get the traffic?

I am not suggesting all categories, but just trying to give the ones in charge a few ideas. I am sure having a great/popular site is more than being optimized for a search engine.

Any suggestions? Did OZZU already have something like this then deleted it due to spam?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hi camp185,

A forum specific to traffic/marketing would be a good idea in my opinion...because it is essential for any web success.

Eg ;)

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