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One of the most popular suggestion types I've seen at Ozzu over the last 5 years or so has been the one for new forum categories.

Now it seems to me that with the addition of subforums along with the headlines index page at Ozzu in the last year, one of if not the main opposing arguments for new categories at Ozzu is/are pretty much gone.

Now the way I see it, there's only one major argument against adding new categories now. The one about new categories starting out empty.

What if Ozzu were to implement a protocol for getting new categories added ?

For example, the petitioner might start a thread in the suggestions forum with a "[CATEGORY PETITION]" prefix on the title.
Within this petition thread there would need to be,
  • Parent Forum Name
  • Category Title
  • Category Description
  • 100 existing threads that could be used to seed the new forum (links or topic ids)

Once the petition thread was started, the petitioner would need to get N members to reply to the thread in favor of the new category.
If the petitioner can get all of that together, I think they've got a pretty good argument in favor of getting the new category added.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I think thats a good idea, I am up for new categories or re-organizing existing categories. My main goal is to not make things so specific that it starts to become confusing on where to post.

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